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Depais 4th Apr 2017 17:21

ATPL ground school exams
Good day everyone,

I've currently done my first sitting of ATPL exams having passed Instruments, Human Performance, Air law and VFR communications. With 10 subjects to still do, can anyone advise me on how I should organize them and how many sittings to take? I've been struggling with this since I'm only finishing theory one week before the exams, which does't give me much time to study, and also because I already have 3 fails (tried to do 7 subjects in one week) and don't want that to happen again.

Any advice is welcome, :)

mftx7jrn 5th Apr 2017 17:38

I split the harder exams up with the easier ones. For example, I did G Nav with Human Performance and V/IRF Comms. Seemed to work ok for me. The issue with doing all the easier ones first is that inevitably all the hard, time consuming and intensive ones come during the later sittings when perhaps the pressure is on. Just my 5p...

TryingToAvoidCBs 10th Apr 2017 23:43

Be careful about using one sitting for just one exam. If you have to, then fine.
However, just think that

a) you may need those extra sittings for any re-takes

b) If at an airline interview you are asked why you had to use one sitting for one exam, or why you required all 6 sittings? Your answer will probably sound something like "because my learning curve isn't steep enough to take in all the information in a short period of time". This won't look good to a company who will be potentially paying for your type rating.

That said, I know a handful of people in that situation who have done ok for themselves. But when the market gets difficult, airlines get picky.

If you're not ready for an exam, delay it until you are.

cavok_flyer 11th Apr 2017 06:48

Try to put overlapping subjects together, ie. Air Law with OPS, and W&B with Flight Planning. I see that you already did OPS, so that option is out, but I am certain you know what I mean.

RedBullGaveMeWings 11th Apr 2017 14:51

Overlapping makes it easy. Do RadioNav together with Comms and Meteorology and maybe GNav. M&B and Perf together with Flight Planning. AGK and Inst together with PoF.

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