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nomanr 9th Mar 2017 08:49

Where are some of the "cheapest rates" flying schools in the US?
Hey guys,

I am an international student in the US. I am planning to change my course, and pursue my career being an airline pilot. My plan would be to get CPL-IR, ME Rating, FITS, make some hours, and fly for an airline.

I would like to know some of the most affordable flying schools in the US. Where are the flying school, who offer flying at cheaper rates?

Thank you!

B2N2 9th Mar 2017 16:17

School A charges $150/hr for aircraft and instruction
School B charges $250/hr for aircraft and instruction.

School A averages 72 hrs for a Private pilot license.
School B averages 45 hrs for a Private pilot license.

Which one is the better school?


The Terminator 17th Mar 2017 13:45

I was thinking if I was to go that path again, I would buy a plane, or a share if that's possible, and hire an instructor.

I think the experience gained from would be invaluable, and when you have built your hours sell your plane.

B2N2 20th Mar 2017 17:59

Considering what the OP is asking about:

My plan would be to get CPL-IR, ME Rating, FITS
That's not going to work.
DO NOT...choose the cheapest option as it usually leads to extra cost at the end.

dera 21st Mar 2017 08:38

Why not?

Buy a 150
PP-ASEL-IA in that
ME initial+CP somewhere else
CP SE addon in the 150.
Job done.

cefey 21st Mar 2017 16:49

Air America Flight Center in Daytona is great school.
Good instructor, no upfront payment, decent airplanes and cheap prices. They are very flexible and try to do their best for students.

dera 21st Mar 2017 21:02

But cannot sponsor a visa for you.

cefey 22nd Mar 2017 01:56

True. But to simplify it, if a school can offer F1 (or whatever is the name now) visa - they will charge you x3 price of training, treat you like s. and rip you off whenever possible.

The better option might be joining uni that offers aviation degree (like Lewis). Or joining uni and do flight training on a side. Price-wise will be more or less the same, benefits? Uni degree + flight license.

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