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Flyer1988 18th Jan 2017 00:21

Diamond Flight Academy/ Aerodynamics Malaga

I have seen there are a couple of older threads on the two following schools for the CPL,MEIR -

Diamond Flight Academy in Kalmar Sweden

Aerodynamics Malaga.

I am looking for some up to date recent reviews or information on the above schools mentioned.

I had intended to do my CPL MEIR here in the UK but the weather is not giving me the consistency that will be required while also trying to juggle around working commitments which means it will take me an easy 6 months to get it done here which will mean further cost implications.

The above schools have stated that there courses can be completed within 8 weeks. I can find a way of getting time off work for that period and going and completing it within that time.

Does anyone have any advice for me before I take the plunge on a big financial decision?

Any feedback from past students of the schools would be greatly appreciated!

cefey 18th Jan 2017 13:34


KayPam 18th Jan 2017 14:29

What is their price range ?

Flyer1988 18th Jan 2017 14:38

Diamond in Sweden is around 22k including accommodation

Aerodynamics Malaga is around 17-18k with accommodation

@cefey Have you previously trained or been to Aerodynamics?


KayPam 18th Jan 2017 17:40

I do believe that FTE has decommissioned their Seneca and only fly glass cockpit now, even for modular students. You could confirm that with them if you wanted to be absolutely sure.

Flyer1988 18th Jan 2017 20:01

If I do go abroad then it has to be for the limited time stated by the schools of say 8 weeks for the whole course to be completed which is easily possibly having spoken to the respective schools, this is purely down to working commitments and getting time off work for anything longer will be extremely difficult.

If I choose the longer option of training here in the UK then the only real option available due to location and travel is Booker Aviation, who don't have the facilities at there airport for instrument approaches and students have to fly to other airports to carry instruments approaches out... again adds on to the costs of it all.

cefey 18th Jan 2017 20:31

Search for my posts here. I have nothing but good to say about Aerodynamics.

If you are time-limited, Costa Del Sol is a lot more friendly than Sweeden.

flybyschool 19th Jan 2017 15:45

You are talking for the full IR (50 hours), CPL-ME (10 SE+6 ME) and MEP (5) courses, aren't you?

Flyer1988 20th Jan 2017 01:17

Hi Alex,

Yes thats correct, as I have the required hours to start with the IR first I will be credited 10 hours for the CPL.

Flyer1988 20th Jan 2017 18:07

There is also an outfit called GroupOne Air out of Malaga airport offering the CPL MEIR on a da42.

They seem a pretty nifty school.

cefey 20th Jan 2017 21:24

A friend of mine is considering to get back to aviation. He has to do FAA -> EASA conversion. I told him to go to Aerodynamics Malaga and not even consider anyone else. My advice is same for you, obviously.

Good prices, helpful instructors. No one is trying to rip you off. Good weather, nice airspace. Good reputation on av. forums. Contract with Norwegian.

You won´t go wrong with them.

Flyer1988 21st Jan 2017 00:02

Thanks for the advice cefey, when did you do your flying with aerodynamics?

cefey 21st Jan 2017 22:32

A few years ago. And then I went back every year for a revalidation flight. I was there in 08/16 - everything neat, as always.

kevkovsky 9th Mar 2017 00:29

Originally Posted by Airgus (Post 9645397)
Aerodynamic has a Duchess, easy to fly.
The DA42 is good if you already have experience with the G1000 if not you need to prepare yourself to be ahead of the game (once you know it is super easy-to-use).
Another option is Jerez (FTE with the DA42) expensive school... and Fly In Spain (UK ATO) with a Seneca III. Both with great wx and low cost of living (rent, meals or hotel).
I flew in both (Malaga and Fly In Spain) both are very good however for a long stay I would recommend JEREZ (easy acces and life style) than Malaga (LEAX is far away from the city, high cost during the summer season).
The Seneca is a great airplane for the IR.

I'm planning to do my ME-IR/CPL conversion from FAA to EASA and I checked Fly In Spain and Aerodynamics Malaga, from what I've read I see they're both good schools, but you have been to both so recommendation I take you suggest FIS over Malaga?

THE FLYING MONKEY 13th Apr 2017 20:27

How long to complete & how tough is the me/cpl/ir

I'm looking at a few of these schools to see if I can take some time off work to complete it but a lot of schools say it will take at least 3 months at a push with a huge amount of effort but Diamond Flight Academy say they can do it in 8 weeks at a nice pace. How is this possible with this school and not with most other schools? Is the standard as high in Sweden as it is in the uk? 🤔

KayPam 13th Apr 2017 23:21

CPL MEIR is 80 hours of flight or sim training.
That's 10 hours per week.

It's very easy to fly even 15-20 hours per week (I did it last week and still had plenty of time to socialise with the people with whom I was flying)

Some other schools will have more students and not enough airplanes.

THE FLYING MONKEY 14th Apr 2017 07:45

Thanks KayPam

I was told by a couple of uk schools that doing it quicker than 3 months would be too much for students because it's really tough and you have to get your head around it all, putting in many hours per night, before the next session.

Is this not the case?

KayPam 14th Apr 2017 10:32

I guess it really depends on the person, some learn faster than others.
DFAS have a close to 100% pass rate, as many schools do.

flyfly4 14th Apr 2017 17:01

THE FLYING MONKEY that's completely a lie from the schools. I did it in 2 months with soooo much free time i would say.

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