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KayPam 18th Jan 2017 12:20

With "usually" there would not have been any doubt.

There are many cases where I know the concepts involved but don't know if I have to get super rigorous or if I have to talk about the general case

paco 18th Jan 2017 12:34

Don't think too deeply. If you are not sure, just insert the word in the appropriate place.

Good luck!

ustio 20th Jan 2017 21:47

Hello guys this is my first post here.

Anyway i just had my performance exam on Wednesday. there were 2 question that use new graph where it isn't from the CAP 698. do you guys know if there are other source for performance graph?

and usually to calculate the TO distance using the graph, the pressure altitude is usually stated on the question right? but now you got aerodrome elevation and QNH. so you have to find the PA. and when i corrected the aerodrome elevation with QNH, the PA was not rounded(like 2766 feet) which is almost impossible to put it on the graph precisely.

Also there were 2 question that use CAP 697 (which is for flight planning).

Alex Whittingham 21st Jan 2017 13:27

Some cruise fuel calculations in the syllabus are common with the Flight planning syllabus. EASA had, by agreement, identified in the case of common elements in which subject they would be tested. The new regime of 'testing every corner of the syllabus in every subject' abandons this and probably means questions have been written for Performance using FP graphs. Were they cruise data? As to the the new graphs the question writers are starting to do this, they chose graphs from other types arguing that you need to be able to use graphs in general, not just ones you have practised on. It would be helpful if you could remember the aircraft type and the questions, pm me if you wish.

paco 21st Jan 2017 18:24

I have noticed some questions sneaking in with graphs from the Australian syllabus.

hoduka 14th Feb 2017 07:27

Hi there!

It seems that not only radnav, but basically the whole syllabus is changing. I was glad to read that most of the impractical questions are taken out - like learning GPS frequencies and tilt angles of their orbit.

The whole list is here:

NPA 2016 - 03

I would like to ask that when will this update reach the CAAs, and If i have already started my ATPLs, can this affect my exams?

Thank you!

KayPam 14th Feb 2017 18:25

Could you explain what you learned from all these NPA 2016 03 docs ? Thanks

mcchow 28th Jan 2018 14:22

New questions
What question bank are you using?because some new questions aren't exactly new,some comes from aviation exam.and also just doing the question banks isn't the safest,you should open the books before that

mcchow 28th Jan 2018 15:54

Atpl exam 2018
Hi Guys
I just sat for 4 exams last week,Gnav,rnav,flight planning,human factors
About new questions,it's hard for me to say if there are indeed any real new questions because some might be coming from aviation exam and I obviously didn't memorize all the few thousands of questions to say which is new or old ques.I did try to use two question banks,E-ATPL and aviation exam but did not complete it all.In Flight planning,I certainly did find around 3-4 questions,regarding Notams,decoding a notam,it was not hard at all,the answer was rather clear and direct.About Gnav,I don't know if there were new questions because all were familiar to me,probably they did change the value of the numbers and the way they structured it but I don't consider that as new.with rnav,ntg new,same as above ,familiar questions.My advise is to never memorize the questions without studying.read and study the books,understand it,know the reasons and know how to solve the problems and for sure there will be no problems even if they change the questions.

paco 29th Jan 2018 15:18

"My advise is to never memorize the questions without studying"

Good advice

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