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Apitu 29th Jul 2017 11:32

If you search it a little, you can find it even on pprune that this was just a rumor from 2014/'15

Alexcarmona99 4th Aug 2017 18:45

Smartlynx assessment
Good day everybody!

Could someone give some details about the differents parts of the assessment? For example: difficulty, how many questions...

It is easy to pass the assessment?

Thanks! ;)

Debora 15th Aug 2017 21:52

WhatsApp group

Originally Posted by gneel (Post 9843259)
Hi Jejo,

I am also from Dubai and will be interviewing soon. How was your interview and assessment?

Please shed some light on the topics covered and how everything went about.

Hi Guys! i am also from Dubai, looking for some news.

Do you have any FB group or WhatsApp one?
If so, add me please, if not, let's make one! 😉

MaxPilot1 16th Aug 2017 10:14

There is a facebook group feel free to join it "Smarlynx BAA" ;)

Flotyla 8th Dec 2017 18:27

Compass physics
Hello guys,
Could some of you share some information related to the physics part of the compass, please? Like which of the following modules to focus on - electricity/magnetism/mechanics/optics/thermodynamics/waves? I'm practising in Skytest-ME and I dont want to waste a lot of time on modules that are not necessary. Thanks in advance for your replies!

uberfly 4th Oct 2018 10:15

Be careful to this program. First of all this is not a Cadet Scheme! BAA Training only using name of the SmartLynx to lure some students which they are successful. However, in reality, there is no cooperation or coordination between airline and training organization. There is no written contract between Smartlynx and BAA regarding to terms and conditions of the program which are offered to students therefore rules and conditions can change in the middle of your training. Both Airline and BAA Training acting the 3 monkeys towards students once it comes to answer some questions and there is no competent and authorized person take responsibility to answer your questions.

Cadets learn everyday new terms and conditions which are extremely unfavorable for them. For example increasing the type rating fee 5,000 euros in the middle of their training. So for example now BAA may present you this program with type rating fee of 30,000 Euros however in the middle of your training this may be increased to 35,000 Euros, so be ready. Recent rumors about this cadet scheme is that airline bond cadets for 3 years to work for them otherwise you pay 10,000 Euro penalty if you leave the company before 3 years of duty.

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