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Warlock1 22nd Aug 2016 09:05

Cheapest way to convert ICAO to EASA in Europe
Hi all
I have been away from aviation for a while, so basically I got no clue about this.
A friend of mine is looking in to converting her Canadian CPL. She lives in Germany but costs are way too expensive.
Can anyone recommend any place in Europe that she can do this conversion in a budget?
Searched the forum for some recommendations but the only thing that came up was the Czech flight school with bad reviews.
Thanks a bunch

Pole sana 23rd Aug 2016 13:51

I can sound like repeating a lot.... but try Hungary, Pannon Air.
I am doing my PPL and is the cheapest I found after a detailed search, so far I am happy with how is it.

Warlock1 24th Aug 2016 06:23

I will check it out.
Thanks a lot buddy

spaflyer 24th Aug 2016 10:57

Did mine few weeks ago from FAA to EASA,

Does she have ATPL ground? Here in Ireland cost is around 8000 euros, for:
5 hours and checkride for CPL
and 15 (5 real, 10 sim for an IFR)

If you need more info let me know.

FoxtrottSierra 11th Sep 2016 19:55

ICAO Conversion to EASA (UK CAA)
Contact FTA Global in Brigton, they will sum up what training you need exactly ! And they are very professional.
I am doing my Conversion training at Fly In Spain in Jerez, which gets you the UK CAA licence, too !
They do not provide too much detail when you request info, but sure get you there where you need to go.

alexandrantonia 27th Sep 2016 12:57

South Sweden School of Aeronautics. I did my FAA SE/IR -> EASA ME/IR there and it ended up costing around 6250€. There was a German girl there at the same time converting her FAA CPL & ME/IR to EASA and she was done in a week and a half. I can't imagine her course costing more than 4000€, but she was working as an instructor and therefore much more current than myself. The school requests a reduced course based on a foreign licence from the aviation agency Transportstyrelsen and that is the minimum hours you need to do. They try and get everything done in the sim, to recude costs for the student. Sim was 900 SEK / 94 €/h, single (AC11) 2100 SEK / 220 €/h, multi 3900 SEK / 410 €/h. They were very flexible with everything. They offer accommodation (nothing fancy) for 100 SEK/night and give priority to those coming from afar and staying at the school.

Bare Plane 27th Sep 2016 13:10

Is she in a hurry? I converted my US FAA CPL to EASA PPL over a couple of months time with a flying club in Bavaria. C-172 rental rates were very reasonable and the club was a good group of locals. Instructor costs were minimal. I didn't keep tract of costs but I doubt it was over 2000€, including annual club fees. Lots of flying clubs in Germany. She should check her area. Basic German is helpful.

andyair72 27th Feb 2017 16:34

convertion of US CPL into EASA PPL
Anyone knows if it is true that it is easy to convert an australian CPL IFR into an EASA PPL IFR? do I need to redo all the exams? True that to convert it in england would be easier than rest of EU countries? what about from Australian CPL to UK/EASA PPL IFR? thanks for any advise

faaalltheway 24th Nov 2017 23:14

Hi spaflyer, please send school name.
Looking to convert FAA CPL ME IR to EASA....


rudestuff 25th Nov 2017 06:42

... You'll need to change that name then

Transsonic2000 25th Nov 2017 15:51

Well, it depends what level of license you are aiming for. Converting to an EASA PPL (no matter what level of ICAO license you're holding) is not a big deal and can be done at minimum cost and time. Usually a 2 hr flight in preparation for the check-ride (depends on the flight school how much money they want to squeeze out of you) and the passing of two theoretical knowledge exams is required, airlaw and human performance (preparation can be done via home study). Cost estimate around 2000-3000€ (I spend around 1000€).

If it's about converting from ICAO CPL/IR to EASA CPL/IR with ATPL theory credit one must take and pass all 14 EASA ATP exams, which is quite an extensive affair! In order to take the check-ride additional flight training is required, usually a minimum 15 hr. For most people (particular after studying for the ATP exams, time frame ~ 12-24 month) it's been a while since their last flight and currency must be regained first! Which can add to the total conversion cost!

Based on my own research and experience I came to the conclusion that in Poland the conversion can be done for the least amount of money, especially the flying part of the conversion. This is mainly because Poland still has the Zloty (Euro has not been introduced yet). But keep in mind, if it's been a while since your last flight and if you are not current anymore you need to get current again. Some EASA schools make a big deal out of it, others don't! Regaining currency on an ICAO license, especially a FAA license can be difficult and expensive in Europe!

Cost estimate ICAO CPL/IR to EASA (frozen) ATP:

- EASA ATP studies (distance learning) ~ 2.000-3.000€ (residential / full time course) ~ 5.000-6.000€ (the most time efficient way to get the ATP exams done, time frame about 6 to 7 month. In my opinion money well spent)

- EASA ATP exam fee/s (varies between different member states - some charge a "one-time-fee" only, others charge for each subject and sitting, can add an additional 500 to 2.000€)

- Flying part of the conversion: from 5.000€ up to 20.000€ (depends on if you're current or how proficient you are and the country in which you do the conversion)

- EASA Medical ~ 100€ (Poland) commonly 500-700€

- EASA general radio operator certificate ~ 300-500€

- MCC (multi-crew-coordination course, which is required by most EASA operators) starting at around 2.000€ and upwards (depends on if it's done in combination with a type rating or not. If a type rating is added costs of the conversion will increase by another 15-20k €).

This is only a rough estimate not taking into account any additional costs for traveling, accommodation etc. Which can make quite a difference.

Finalfantasy 30th Nov 2017 20:19

I am doing my FAA PLE ME/IR -> EASA ATPL conversion at Global Aviation SA in Megara, Greece.
Distance learning for the ATPL Theory plus 30 hours of flying (15 Sim, 5 SE, 10 ME) for the ME and IR. Total cost is EUR 11500 including exam fees.
I can't speak for the quality of the school as I haven't been there yet.

sinisamandaric 2nd Feb 2018 18:16

Hello, I have a question. Currently hold FAA CPL IR and looking to convert. Seems like they only acknowledge PPL and some flying hours. Everything else gotta do all over. Any advice? Thanks.

faaalltheway 3rd Feb 2018 07:32

No man, they acknowledge everything but the theory.
who told you that?
plenty of info online, google fly in spain school, they have all the info on their website. Search for faa to easa. I haven’t chosen them though.
Come back here if you need more help.
I’m doing the same thing atm.

Good luck

johnjohncafe 3rd Feb 2018 23:58

Hi, I am also planning to convert FAA CPL to EASA CPL. I am about to start the ATPL theory but I have to renew with IPC and BFR first.
I heard about Czech Rep or Poland or Sweeden for conversion.
Where are you converting currently ?
Cheers !

crp300 8th Feb 2018 18:00

Originally Posted by Finalfantasy (Post 9974676)
I am doing my FAA PLE ME/IR -> EASA ATPL conversion at Global Aviation SA in Megara, Greece.
Distance learning for the ATPL Theory plus 30 hours of flying (15 Sim, 5 SE, 10 ME) for the ME and IR. Total cost is EUR 11500 including exam fees.
I can't speak for the quality of the school as I haven't been there yet.

Hi, did you finish your conversion? if so, please tell me how was your experience with Global Aviation! I'm looking for a school to convert my license as well. Thanks!

pineteam 13th Feb 2018 05:56

Hello guys,

I'm also thinking of converting my ICAO licence to EASA licence. I have 5000 hours and more than 700 hrs PIC on A320. I was told that with my experience I only have to sit and pass the 14 subjects, do a class 1 EASA medical and do a skill test with an approved Examiner; No need to attend groundschool. Could you confirm that?
Also is it possible to pass all the exams using the Bristol database only? I'm not willing to buy the books unless it's a must.
Thank you.

ersa 13th Feb 2018 06:54


You can self certify to sit the exams in the UK.

I would not recommend just bashing the bristol database , many high time fix and rotary pilots have failed , just a word of warning.

pineteam 13th Feb 2018 08:56


Thank you for your reply. I'm thinking of writing my exam at Kuala Lumpur and doing my medical in Hong Kong since I'm based in Macau.

ersa 13th Feb 2018 09:09

I did mine in KL, there is a doctor also based a short train ride. He can do your medical also , PM if you need any info

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