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philou45 16th Sep 2012 22:00

Hi, has anyone done their PPL in the North of England, and if so, how much did it cost including everything? As i am looking to start doing the PPL and i find that flying schools do not seem to tell you all of the costs, for example books and headset etc. on top of the airplane hire and instructor

Fostex 17th Sep 2012 07:58

Would estimate the following;

45 hours C152 instruction ( including solo time ) 6750.00 ( 150 x 45 )
6 Ground Exams 150.00 ( 25 X 6 )
Books 100.00 ( try eBay, only book that really requires latest edition is airlaw )
Written Radiotelephony Exam 25.00
Oral Radiotelephony Exam 40.00 ( depends on RT examiner )
Class 2 Medical 175 ( Depends on AME )
Skill Test 200.00 ( Depends on examiner )
License issue 185.00

Total : 7625.00

45 hours instruction is obviously the minimum. Depending on a number of factors, ability, weather, frequency of lessons you might need more than that.

sapperkenno 17th Sep 2012 18:28

Have you tried York Flying School?
I happen to know you could knock at least 1000 off the figures quoted in 'fostex' estimation, if not more.
Here is their website and prices.
PPL instruction is charged at 20/hour, and their C150 is 100/hour. Ground exams are 20, and there are no landing fees at Breighton. The only membership required is 55/year payable to The Real Aeroplane Club in order to fly from Breighton, but this gives free reciprocal landing fees to many local (and a bit further away) airfields.

YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE A COMPLETE NUMPTY to not consider this outfit. Feel free to turn up on a weekend for a chat and look around.

Contact Approach 17th Sep 2012 19:46

I completed my PPL up north, and what is quoted is about right; where you save in some places, you lose in others so estimate around 7 to 8000.
For what it's worth, I'd consider flying from a school based within controlled airspace. You may incur higher landing fee's, but you'll be 'completely' at ease with flight in controlled airspace come the end of your training.


guyleedsutd 17th Sep 2012 19:48

I have just completed my ppl at sherburn in elmett and kept all of my receipts which I totalled to 7836 for 46.5hours including skills test fee,class2medical,rt course at multiflight Leeds and all ground exams.this figure doesn't include headsets,books,charts,pens,whizz wheel etc

taxistaxing 17th Sep 2012 20:42

Try to learn as intensively as possible. You will have missed the best of the weather this year so I would consider starting in the spring (maybe use the winter months to polish off the exams). Otherwise you may have weeks between lessons over the winter due to bad wx. This can add hundreds to the cost as you will spend half of each lesson relearning the last!

blue_ashy 17th Sep 2012 20:57

Whatever the cost of training do not forget costs such as accommodation and eating food, it is often overlooked and can really bulk up the cost! Your best bet is to find your local airport and see what training options are on offer first. Blackpool was just 12 miles from me and has a lot on offer for example, plan for everything not just the training.

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