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sanatgaba 3rd Jun 2012 20:45

Training for Russian Aircraft.
my dream is to fly a Russian Aircraft like an IL76 or an AN124... I was wondering how to go about this, and am totally clueless where to start, and what is needed for this... I don't really know whether i need to start all the way with my CPL in Russia, or i can do my CPL anywhere and then need some special kind of training like a type rating on one of these aircrafts... Any kind of help to any flight schools would be really helpful !

Bearcat F8F 3rd Jun 2012 21:41

To fly in Russia you need to be a Russian citizen. I am not aware of any An-124s operated anywhere else (apart from Ukraine). Hence, I'm afraid it looks bleak for you in that respect.

If you want to fly an IL-76, join the IAF. They use IL-78 Midas tankers and now have a new A-50.

More to the point, I think you are in la-la land. In a time when it's super difficult to find a job flying jets, you are thinking of An-124s... that's pretty laughable.

I would imagine there are IL-76 operators in India. So you need to think about what license you need there (regardless of what a/c you dream of).

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