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joaocastro 21st May 2012 15:06

Knots Aviation India/ Type rating & Line training
I would like to know if there is anyone here that has applied to Knots aviation India Programs?

The programs that Knots aviation India provides include, type ratings and line training.

I want to know if this is a serious organization, and if they rely do what they promise. Since there are to many scams I need to be sure.
If someone has more information about this organisation please share.

The website is this one:
Knots Aviation


loveflyingalways 21st May 2012 15:14

Knots Aviation India/ Type rating & Line training
Never herd of them before dude but the place where I would suggest in India is CAE Bangalore for type and line training but again it's just a suggestion

B2N2 21st May 2012 15:17

That website looks very, very shady to me.
I've never heard of them and wouldn't trust them.
If this is something you are interested in go with the big name compagnies like
Eagle Jet International, Inc. not with one of these operations.

joaocastro 21st May 2012 23:11

B2N2 Tanks for you message, I think the same as you but I want to know if someone has joined Knots in the past.

Stay well.

Ps: If anyone else has more information, please share. Tanks

joaojacint 22nd May 2012 00:21

Knots aviation
Ive send the documentation to Knots today as soon as they reply I will tell something... not very sure that they are 100% so.. no cash transfer for the time.

If anyone knows something please reply.

carlover 22nd May 2012 14:49

Did you hear from them? anything :hmm:

joaocastro 22nd May 2012 18:22

They sent me some information, with the job contract.
But since I dont have much information about them, it makes me think twice.

I really need to know more about this organisation.

carlover 23rd May 2012 21:56

knots aviation
this is what I found on Facebook:
Knots Aviation

How can we all here know that you guys are genuinely offering these courses.....???? Can you guys please let your past students who have gone through your process, come out here and speak some thing bout it.... well you know 35lakhs is not a small amount to invest somewhere.....

joaocastro 26th May 2012 22:24

I asked the same question a few days ago about Knots, because they had a partnership in January. A program for the Boeing 737cl.

They told me that Knots has 3 months of existence, so I suppose that we need to wait for the first courses.

falconetti 12th Jul 2012 17:49

Nothing to report ??

PPRuNe Towers 13th Jul 2012 11:26

Plenty to report and none of it good.

Try our Africa forum.


claudio.macedonio 7th Aug 2012 10:12

Hi at all,

I've applyed 15 days ago and now I'm in contact with knots aviation.
It's seems that they are recruiting cadet pilot for one of their client "skyfly / dorenair". They offer a step by step program through various type of aircrafts up to the b737-400/900, after 5 years of experience in skyfly.
Initially they've offered me (paying xx.xxx $) a type rating on saab340, but now they are redirecting me on Beech 1900c...

If somebody have more info about Knots Aviation and Skyfly please post here.

Thanks so much!

500 above 7th Aug 2012 12:45

Initially they've offered me (paying xx.xxx $) a type rating on saab340, but now they are redirecting me on Beech 1900c...
Oh, the irony!

They've "offered me" - I'm sorry, you're paying them Claudio. Where in Europe do you expect to find a B1900 job on your return? Or Saab for that? Carpatair? Flybe?

Two useless ratings in my opinion. The sooner you chumps stop paying to fly, the better. Is Towers post above not a good indication that all is not rosy with Knots?

Decalo 20th Aug 2012 13:24

Knots Aviation, Captain Transition Program
If anybody has been in contact with Knots Aviation regarding their Captain Transition Program, please PM me. Thanks.

Kristoff 21st Aug 2012 11:15

Not too sure about it, have it a look, seemed quite dodgey.

Do share what you guys find, I'm sure people would be wire appreciateive.

arcticoperator 22nd Aug 2012 16:47

Knots Aviation
Does anyone has any information about the knots aviation recruiting agency, and or has worked in the past for them as flight deck crew?

KichalFlyer 31st Aug 2012 01:25

Why Knots website has been suspended?
Any one knows?

asia757 25th Oct 2012 09:00

Knots a scam!
I responded to an online offer for a Bangkok B767 Captain job with Knots.

Turns out the are offering me a job with the company I currently work for and if I sign a contract I pay Knots 1000.00 USD a month for 1 year for getting me the job I already have!

Stay away from any contract company WHERE you pay them for placement.

They claim that the company I work for is a client company of Knots Aviation which is not the case at all.


Quazar 4th Dec 2012 00:15

Nutts Aviation
I applied for a position and they wanted money upfront to refer me. I said no and found the open position on my own. During interview, I asked about Knotts referral. The airline disavowed any connection to them.

This guy is another classic Indian scumbag!

Quazar 27th Dec 2012 01:09

Air Astana pays 6000 Euros for expat, plus other petty amount for sundry items.

Knott (NOT) is recruiting at 5200 Euro and pocketing 800 Euro of your salary.

These guys represent the lowest form of human deception....do not get involved with them. They are strictly a scam.

I have talked with them about several positions on various equipment and various operators. They always quote a salary less about 500-1000 Euros less than current pilots are getting at the respective carrier.

The FACTS: they take a cut of your salary. The Air carrier does not pay them.

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