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vertiz4 24th Jan 2011 17:10

JAR Frozen ATPL . What do I need????
Im writing in order to get some information about the requirements for getting a JAR Frozen ATPL. Right now I have an FAA CPL license for multi and single engine with instrument rating. All this with 180 hrs. From what I understand what I need is the CPL and IR conversion as well as the required exams .

I just graduated from American Flyers in Dallas but since Im mexican; not american Im looking for an oportunity in Asia but must of Asians ask for JAR Frozen ATPL


potkettleblack 24th Jan 2011 18:47

Read the "sticky" above this thread entitled......Archive Reference Threads and Posting Guidelines - READ BEFORE YOU POST A QUESTION!!

FAA to JAR is all in there.

punk666 25th Jan 2011 08:32

You must be the first pilot to get an FAA CPL/IR with 180 hours when the minimum hours required for an FAA CPL is 250!!!

zondaracer 25th Jan 2011 09:17

The minimum for FAA is 190hrs if all your training is under FAR 141. (sim time up to a certain amount counts, so it is possible with only 180hrs)

vertiz4 26th Jan 2011 01:15

As zondarecer said; the required hours under far 141 is 190 and part of it may be done in the sim

captainsuperstorm 26th Jan 2011 03:19

if you want an airline job in asia, it's possible.

-be an Asian Citizen
-be sponsored by an asian airline

see, easy!

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