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5150 17th Feb 2009 08:39

As far as I am aware, you will still be in the age bracket for turbo prop airlines
You're still in the 'age bracket' for most airline jobs that may appear on your lists of wants/desires.

You just need to make allowances for the fact that you'll be joining a considerable 'heap' of licence holders after your training, in an industry that is making cuts on a large scale - in addition there are already many rated pilot's with many hours of experience on type who have lost, or will lose their jobs in the coming months, your claim to be first out of the blocks is somewhat ambitious !

I don't see any reason that at 40+, you're not as attractive, if not MORE attractive to an employer than someone half your age . . . You've still got 25 years work ahead of you, so I say go for it . . .

BigNumber 17th Feb 2009 08:48

Being 40+ is not a disadvantage, infact it may well be an advantage!

In the age of SSTR, pay for Line Training etc, you are just as welcome in the 'airline' market as anyone else. More so.

Outside of the airlines there are a great many flying positions that would value your age and experience. My Biz Jet owner actually prefers guy's with your profile. We don't pay for our type ratings!!!!!

Follow your dreams - if you want it, go and get it!

Sciolistes 17th Feb 2009 10:21

I can contribute with direct experience. I was 40 with 300 hrs when I was offered a 737 position after passing selection.

I don't think there any advantages to being older. It is difficult for me to suggest that there were significant disadvantages. I did fail one interview in vague circumstances. I think most people who have failed interviews with this business' practice of not providing feedback would feel the same.

Regardless, I definitely got the impression that during the assessment and selection processes that I passed there was no bias one way or the other. I was reliably informed by those organisations of a couple of airlines that outright would not consider me due to my age.

ea340 17th Feb 2009 13:08

A good friend of mine started flying at 42 . Retired from IT started with a Flight Exc company at 50 as an F/O on a Turbo prop and is loving every minute of it.

BigNumber 17th Feb 2009 13:43


It is a private owner, private operation held within the fabric of a much larger business.

Sorry to be so vague, but hope this contributes to the scope of the thread.

Holryn 17th Feb 2009 14:06

I started flying when I was 32. I gained my CPL/MEIR back in 2005 and started applying for all sorts of jobs. I took a serious pay reduction to get more involved in an aviation career - money has never been motivating factor for me (and no, I don't have much of it either).

I only managed to get one assessment and sim check during the past three or so years. Last year I decided that the only way I was to keep going was to instruct so completed my Instructors course and have been instructing part-time ever since.

I turn 40 :( later this year and despite the fact that it has been financially very tough (and that's without the recession), for both me and my family, I have enjoyed every second along the way.

I'm still looking for that first job, instructing aside, and will continue to do so.

Go into it with your eyes open - I didn't expect a job offer to fall into my lap - and enjoy!! :ok:

chrfri 17th Feb 2009 15:03

I was 40 when I started the ATPL-theory, took the last step, mcc, at 42. At 45 I got my first job, F/O on a small jet, have been there for 2,5 years now.

...and I am still married...:)

alkatifa 18th Feb 2009 02:01

I reckon I'm just another 31 year old bloke thinking bout a serious career and lifestyle change. The flying bug is getting on me now, I just don't know where to start....

I love flying so much that I was even considering a cabin crew job, but I really picure myself as a comercial pilot. We really do have just one life, might as well just follow our gut!

wannabe15 18th Feb 2009 03:05

That's right. Similar situation. Should be starting DL ATPL soon at a not so young age of 36.:} Dunno when i will complete, dunno whether there will be a job waiting thereafter... anyway

One life only, make full use of it! cheers

Wee Weasley Welshman 18th Feb 2009 07:46

Unless you are over 50 there is no age issue any more with any airline in the UK.

Those days died some years ago.

Rugbyears 18th Feb 2009 09:42

WWW, with the risk of becoming too sentimental, I must say that I retain a great deal of respect for you old chap. In one particular thread you articulate you perception of the aviation industry and its association to the present economic crises/correction, advising all to assess their decision carefully. Yet you maintain the humanity to continue to offer assistance those of us who still choose to continue with this career path way.

Thank you..!:ok:

Wee Weasley Welshman 18th Feb 2009 10:15

Well, thanks for noticing. I get slated for being a harbinger of doom - true - but I realise many are too far in to stop and anything I can do to help I will do.

SIMEFLY 23rd Apr 2009 13:35

Is it too late!!!
I am 42yrs old and looking for a career change to be come an airline pilot. At present i am a police officer but have previously served as cabin crew in the forces then with KLM UK.
I would like advice from anyone in terms of how to progress from PPL to frozen ATPL how much this will set me back???
I feel that its not too late for a career change but also have to think of my family. I am aware that it is a costly process, but in the long run providing i progress successfully will hopefully land!! with position with a major airline.

quant 23rd Apr 2009 13:45


BSmuppet 23rd Apr 2009 15:53


this coming from a guy who didn't read the stickies himself and asked about a Cpl straight after PPL+night

Vems 23rd Apr 2009 16:05

They got you 2 really good links, make yourself a cuppa, get some biscuits and read it ( it takes a while! trust me! :E)

Then, do a research ( internet, local flying schools etc.) Then, if you really can't find something you're looking for, post it here. You'll get a lot of replies, probably.

Good luck.

dartagnan 23rd Apr 2009 20:54

i can get you a job on the airbus. never too late. 42 years, IT'S PERFECT...airlines want s you cuz u are mature.

dont forget my cheque of 200'000$ for the cpl/mcc/line trining/ type rating and my %.:E

nuclear weapon 24th Apr 2009 17:36

For your age I dont think its too late although we do have airlines that have an age limit but dont let that out you off.

BigNumber 25th Apr 2009 17:07

There are some operations that 'prefer' an older candidate.

This has been discussed extensively in the 'Biz Jets' Forum.

IMO 42 years is not a bad age to start training. Best of Luck to you.

Crazy Fokker 25th Apr 2009 21:36

Yes I have heard of people training and getting jobs in there forties. I guess it's just a case of pulling out all the stops on the research front etc....dig deep. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

As you said with a family to boot etc, planning etc is going to be more important than for a single 21 yr old with no ties...so just be thorough is my advice.

But it is possible.:ok:

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