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TMPilot 20th May 2009 23:23

Meteorology Help
Apologies for the previous posts. The immature room-mate has gone.

Could someone please explain the effects of tornadoes and the pilot's course of action.

The question I am answering is:
"There are several well documented storms that have developed from unusual weather conditions. Pick one of these (usually related to cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes) and produce a summary of the storm with respect to the difficulties they would pose to an aviator."

I have chosen to investigate some tornadoes in 2008.


PAJ 21st May 2009 08:55

Tornados are rotating funnels of air generally associated with severe supercell activity. More often than not, they are relatively short lived and localised, although they can last for much longer and cover a significant distance over the ground. Mesocyclones (a rotation of air in the upper atmosphere) are associated with these supercells, and through significant downdrafts, get dragged down to the surface, creating a focused funnel-like rotating air column. Wind speeds can vary from as little as 60km/h to 200km/h, although wind speeds in excess of 500km/h have been recorded in large storms.

The bottom line for pilots regarding tornados is steer clear! The significant thunderstorm activity itself surrounding where a tornado would form should be avoided. Massive up and down drafts, severe turbulence, potential for lightning strikes, significant hail showers and nasty icing conditions are all key considerations. You would have to be very foolish, or horribly mis-informed to venture into a supercell.

TMPilot 21st May 2009 12:10

Thank you very much. You have been a great help!

Rhys :ok:

MrBrightside 22nd May 2009 21:45

Check out the consequences to Southern Airways Flight 242 from flying into a severe weather system.


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