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CharlieLima 25th Nov 2008 00:57

Do you have your ATPL? Do you Have a Job?
Thought it might be interesting to see how many have gone through either the integrated or modular route to achieve their ATPL and havnt got a job out of it yet.

If so how long has it been since you completed it, and have you gone for many interviews?

I dont know how to insert a poll, ofcourse this would be by no means definitive but it might give some insight into the current situation and would be interesting to look at all the same.

Thx in advance to any of those who will admit it! :D

Edit - or if you got a job after qualifying even better, let us know your interview experience?

nick14 25th Nov 2008 09:42

May I draw your attention to this thread:




CharlieLima 25th Nov 2008 09:56

aha, in the words of andy kaufman; thankyverymuch.

(google does better searches then the board itself it seems if ye just type pprune after what your looking for, sorry mod)

BladeM3 25th Nov 2008 13:16

Whats I think we need to remember here is, you are not going to get a true feel of whos got a job and who hasnt, because with all due respect to this site the people who have got jobs after gaining there ATPL's are out there working and not often on this site so wont post, where the people not so lucky to have jobs are always on here.

Before I get flamed for this. I know the state of the avaition industry and I appreciate theres always going to be exceptions.:ok:

wobble2plank 25th Nov 2008 18:04

Pedantic I know but don't you mean:

Do you have your f/ATPL? Do you Have a Job?

Whirlygig 25th Nov 2008 18:48

Even more pedantic, shouldn't it be CPL/IR with ATPL theory credits? :}



diarmuid8 25th Nov 2008 18:59

I managed to secure a job with an fATPL or whatever you pedantic dudes wanna call it.
Finnished training in early September and finnished an MCC in early October.

If that helps your survey!
By the way not all people on here every day are people who can't get a job, there are us who are waiting to start TRs, us who should be studying the a/c and SOPs but are easily distracted!!

BladeM3 25th Nov 2008 19:49

By the way not all people on here every day are people who can't get a job
:ugh: like I said

I appreciate theres always going to be exceptions

diarmuid8 25th Nov 2008 20:41


I was being a little sarcastic there, relax man! No need to be banging your head against the wall on my account!

CharlieLima 26th Nov 2008 02:01

yep, i did mean the fresh ice cube types to be specific, thanks pedantic heads:)

I know it would be no where near definitive as i said, but just thought might as well ask and see if get any info, there's one guy with a job anyway :D

There is a few other threads in the jobs section that deal with a similar questions in a roundabout way with some very interesting posts... i guess i posted it in the wrong section :O

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