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pex 27th Jun 2007 17:13

Hubair Aviation Academy
I would be interested in anyone who is considering doing their training here.

crewonly 9th Jul 2007 16:29

hello,Pex !

I'm very interested by this school, and in January 2008, i will start the courses "integrated" !
I let you my Msn to talk with me if you want !

[email protected]

See you next ;
Alex alias Crewonly

bri1980 9th Jul 2007 17:35

I must admit the unsecured loan bit looks tempting, but the question really is what is the standard of the training? Does anyone have any opinions based on experience?

pex 10th Jul 2007 17:03

Based on what i have read i believe that Hubair will continue to expand. Its in its early stages yet. I dont know of anyone who has trained there before which is why i set up this thread. I will be going for my medical next week and if all goes well i will be hoping to start in January 2008. Hubair has formed links with CAE global academy which as you know is a major recruitment company and saying that i hope it will make it a touch easier when graduating from this school trying to get that first job.

Llen 10th Jul 2007 18:42

I can't believe I'm gonna do this and I'm bracing myself for a barrage of abuse - but I'm new to all this and this question has been bugging me for a while.

If there are only 4 fully approved integrated schools (OAT,Cabair, FTE & WAAC) how come school such as Hubair, EPST, etc offer JAA approved ab-initio courses? Does this mean if you were to attend such a school your license would not be approved? Please could some kind person explain this to me?

Because lets be honest - why go to OAT and pay £61k + £14k accom, living, etc when you could go to Hubair and pay 84k euros including accom!!!!

Right I'm gonna duck now!!!!

Philpaz 10th Jul 2007 18:52

Ab initio doesn't always mean integrated. The FTO's you mention provide a structured modular route. The school can be approved and all the individual courses can be approved but without it being an approved Integrated course it wont be recognised as such.

As far as i'm aware anyway,
I'll duck too!


ERIK C 10th Jul 2007 18:53

I did my MEP and ME IR with HUBAIR and also subsequent ME IR revalidation on their FNPT2. I have a very good experience with them. They are friendly, professional and correct. Their prices are good and the level of training is of a high standard. :ok:

Llen 10th Jul 2007 19:43

Thanks Philpaz.

Ok I know I'm riding my luck here but I need to know - why then, if the ab initio courses that I mentioned are modular not integrated, would you pay circa £50k to go structured modular instead of being very organised yourself and doing 'unstructured' modular in the same time for less money?


Philpaz 10th Jul 2007 19:58

For the exact reason you just said, instead of being very organised yourself. Its all done for you, just turn up and start. I personally wouldn't go down that route but i'm sure there are many that would or such courses wouldn't exist. I think as a rule they are better value than 'True integrated' but if your gonna go modular you might aswell sort it yourself, save money and get more hours or a TR. Dont want to get in to that debate though!


crewonly 10th Jul 2007 20:41

hi all,

After a lot of search about students pilots who are in hubair, or feed back about this school ... the result is positive... let me say why...

First, I called a french journalist (Of a famous aeronautical magazine) who visited hubair... His first impression was good.
He could to talk with students pilots, flight instructor and his impression is Hubair is a very professionnal school ...

Secondly , A lot of students pilots has hidden by a compagny ... Of 20 Students pilots in 2006, 20 are found a job ! Of course, Hubair is not a school what promise you a job after your formation, but this result show us hubair give a professional formation....

( AT the present, the last promotion, of 19 students .. 10 are found a job, the others are passing interviews ... )

In the third place, hubair has been choise by CAE ... You have to know , CAE find out about the quality of the formation, etc...

Excuse me for my english, i'am in pprune to improve my english !!

Thanks ;)

Cpt. Relax 10th Jul 2007 21:50

You can choose a CAE program without going to one of their "academies".

pex 11th Jul 2007 12:41

Integrated is the Way
Interesting to hear that Capt.Relax. Personally guys i would advise anyone who is interested in training as a commercial pilot to go down the Integrated route. This route is the most demanding as alot of work needs to be done in very little time which really does put the pressure on the individual as you will begin to handle the shear amount of stress, dedication ,hard work and be fully focused on your work. These are the qualities airlines are looking for.

I could be wrong but its just a comment i heard from a pilot i met from the Flyer exhibition.:O

bri1980 16th Jul 2007 09:43

The figures don't add up...not the way I did them anyway
Does anyone know what period the loan that HubAir arrange has to paid back over? I have done a quick calculation, and if the period is about 10 years (standard in the UK for that type of professional development loan) I canít make the finances add up.

On a typical F/O starting salary the loan repayments would take over half of your take-home pay (assuming 10 year repayment period). Using my present (relatively cheap) living costs and factoring in a small car, think you would end up in debt just to pay the debt-if that makes any sense!

I suppose this is true of all integrated courses not just HubAir, so Iíd be interested in haring peopleís thoughts!

Cpt. Relax 16th Jul 2007 20:52

If you go to Hubair, you'll normally will pay a CAE typerating after training.
Why don't get your licenses cheap, and then go directly to CAE.

Will cost less, and you have the same change of finding a job through CAE.

bri1980 16th Jul 2007 21:26

Ok, so you take out the loan for the course. Thats 85000Euros near as dam it.

Thats £58k more or less. You will need a few thousand for living expenses, flights to and from France/Belgium etc. Call it £60k conservatively.

Lets say that is repaid over 10 years (typical for professional studies loans). The you can bank on paying £600 a month close enough after qualifying.

Typical F/O starting salary-call it £25k. That is £1561 per month (after UK tax). My monthly ougoings-rent/council tax/utilities etc is £600 per month.

That leaves £361 per month for food, a car, new shoes etc.

It only just works. If you have to pay for the TR as well, it doesn't add up to me!

Am I missing something?


maxdrypower 16th Jul 2007 21:45

I also had a look at this site.It states that it can do the ATPL groundschool in 3 months as opposed to the twenty odd weeks advertised elsewhere , no mention of modules one or two. There is no further info on the site , anyone with experience comment ????

bri1980 17th Jul 2007 06:43

I found that the Hub'Air site suggests 5 months for the groundschool. There is also some groundschool prep during the VFR phase.


bri1980 18th Jul 2007 06:32

And another thing....
How much of a disadvantage will not having a UK CAA IR be in the UK job market be?

The Hub'Air IR will be a French/Belgian one. I know we are all in the JAA and it should all (in theory) be the same-but I understand thats not the practicality? Correct?

menikos 18th Jul 2007 09:49

I heart from a former student a negative feedback for the TR, bad reputation in Belgium, lack of experience for the instructors, increase the price of the TR just before entering in training.....
Anyone in the same boat.

pex 23rd Jul 2007 12:17

Just got back from Brussels to visit Hubair and i also did my class 1 medical. I met the head of training there Capt Gregory Jadin who currently flys 737's for Brussels airlines. Very professional. He explained to me in detail the structure of the course. so if any of you guys want some more info pm me. The instructors are all 1st class as they are currently pilots who are working for commercial airlines. The majority of them anyway.

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