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Sex Offender and becoming a pilot?

Old 17th Jul 2021, 10:08
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Do I have this correct then, as I was wondering if Police would send your laptop and phone off for an expensive forensic exam for one bikini pic?

Sounds like you received the image as part of a chat from the female. You may have clicked on the thumbnail, or not, but did not save or consciously download the image. You thought nothing more about the image or conversation until the female messaged you again re the blackmail attempt. When you went to the Police your phone was handed over and you supplied the passwords to enable them access(?). The Police were therefore able to bring up the chat thread and retrieve both the blackmail message and scroll back to the image.

Thus the image could be evidenced by a screengrab, removing the need for a scientific forensic exam?
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Old 17th Jul 2021, 10:40
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I smell a rat as well.

However, in the event this is a genuine situation then go and acquaint yourself in detail with the Theft Act 1968. Blackmail is a crime and it has been successfully argued in past legal cases that there is no need for the demand to be received by the intended recipient, for the offence to be committed. If you want to have a chance of flying commercially soon, then stop spending time on here and use a lawyer to help get yourself out of this mess.
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Old 17th Jul 2021, 12:21
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I also tried this route, but indecent images is an "either way" offence, meaning there is no time limit on prosecutions.
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Old 17th Jul 2021, 13:32
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The age of criminal responsibility in UK is 10. You said that you were blackmailed, ask the police why they are not prosecuting the offender?
I am also surprised that a girl in under ware is regarded as indecent. Apparently, it is up to a jury to decide. "Whilst members of a jury are representative of the public, it remains essential for them to consider the issue of indecency by reference to an objective test, rather than applying their wholly subjective views of the matter (R v Neal [2011] EWCA Crim 461)."

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Old 17th Jul 2021, 16:44
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Most flight schools in Europe would want a background check in order to issue you an apron pass. Lets say somehow you get this. It doesn’t end there cause any flight company who is thinking about hiring you will do a background check as well. So its not only about traveling to U.S or Canada.
This thing will haunt you for the most of your life until you get a pardon to erase it. So, before it even materializes, go get the best damn lawyer available to get rid of it. Honestly if it was me and if there was no way out, I would probably even pay off the girl just so that she would admit to it.
Best of luck
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Old 17th Jul 2021, 17:12
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If what you are saying is the whole story, I would get the best lawyer you can find and go to crown court and plead not guilty if it actually gets that far.

It would take a very strange jury or an extremely crap lawyer for you to be found guilty. The jury would listen to your story including the blackmail attempt see the picture of a 17 yo in underwear and come to the correct conclusion. Presumably the girl would be called to explain her actions as well.

I believe that the police are using scare tactics to get an easy guilty plea and a simple conviction. They / CPS will fold if you stand up to them.

This of course assumes that you have told us the full story.
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Old 17th Jul 2021, 20:17
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She sends me a risque picture of her in her underwear, which I didn't ask for, nor did I think all that much of, aside from being flattered. Eventually the conversation fizzles out and I forget all about it. Looking forward to graduating and heading off to flight school in the summer to complete my fATPL.

Six months later I recieve a message from her.
I think you have perhaps omitted what happened with the 'risque picture' itself inbetween the 'conversation fizzling out', receipt of the 'blackmail' message 6 months later and the call in with the police?

I mean I understand going to the police on the latter part but you have only said the picture was later found somehwere deep in the memory of the phone/laptop. I would be very surprised a case getting as far as it currently appears on the basis of you deleting or not retaining said picture for any unreasonable length of time however the fact it seems to be getting towards the prosecution stage suggests you might have thought more of the picture than you've led everyone to believe ("I didn't ask for, not did I think all that much of").

What did you do with the 'risque picture' that you 'did(n't) I think all that much of' in the time between receiving it and the situation you've found yourself in now? Did you keep it for a perioed of time, such as when the blackmail situation arose? Did you download it or share it with others, Whatsapp etc? Did you delete the picture, if so when etc.? All of this is often the nuance in which these situations rest, and whilst it may be understandable people like to present a better picture than there perhaps is, it isn't really very helpful if such selective facts are laid before requests for advice.
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Old 17th Jul 2021, 21:36
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There is no erasure- even if found not guilty I am not able to travel to the US or Canada etc due to the simple fact that I was arrested. They do not erase arrests, nor do they delete information regarding a case. This will always be disclosed on an enhanced DBS, even if I am not convicted. This is simply how the disclosure of police intelligence works. There is no admission of guilt or legal proceedings required- just having being investigated can and is disclosed to any employer who requires a security check or enhanced DBS.
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Old 18th Jul 2021, 00:23
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No, that isn’t correct. Being arrested isn’t a bar to entry, it requires that you apply for a visa rather than utilising any visa waiver programme. The visa process would normally require you to disclose the circumstances of your arrest with a consular officer.
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Old 18th Jul 2021, 00:44
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This is becoming sillier and sillier. It is no longer making any sense at all. Even if this bloke is guilty of possession of the image, and even if he is prosecuted for it, both of which I doubt, there is no way this “either way” matter would not be dealt with by a magistrate.

I suspect the whole story is a fake.
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Old 18th Jul 2021, 03:08
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Being falsely accused of something, unfortunately is a tool that some people can and will use to gain their advance up the ladder. This I'm sure happens in all and every industry, especially aviation. Most pilots work or have endured a great deal to secure a position in an airline or company and are quite content to relax and enjoy life as it comes. But, I'm sure we all know of individuals whom spend a great deal of brain storming time amongst their own lunchbox, inventing or conjuring ways or trying to get ahead over their colleagues in a un moral way. Many, fall on their own swords, but there are some that succeed. I have witnessed colleagues lose positions or have fallen out of favour because the lies/rumours where not investigated properly or at all!

Most, but not all, pilots are individuals and won't stand up to defend colleagues in fear of falling off the secure track. I'm sure you will get lost of advise from your friends regarding your situation but how many of your friends will standby you or just standby?

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