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Advanced UPRT

Old 13th Jul 2020, 00:05
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Angry Advanced UPRT

From December last year a new rule by EASA states that pilots will have to undertake a 'Advanced UPRT' course before being able to undertake a Type Rating course. I've recently seen that WizzAir are asking for this in their criteria to apply and this is the first time I've seen an airline ask for this understandably as this only came in at the end of last year.

My question is, I completed my ATPL integrated course in Spring 2016 and I undertook 'UPRT' towards the end of my training. Because this new rule became effective after I completed an integrated course, does this mean I don't need to do a 'Advanced UPRT' course? If I do what exactly is the difference between the UPRT I did in 2016 to this 'Advanced UPRT'? What will I have to do which I haven't done already? Just frustrating that EASA have changed yet another rule which means more money has to be forked out for more training and from what I've seen online, most ATO's charge around the 2,000 mark for the 'Advanced UPRT' course!
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Old 13th Jul 2020, 06:31
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Your Integrated course incorporated the UPRT as part of the syllabus.
Your ATO will be able to confirm the UPRT element is still compliant for the initial multi crew rating assuming it hasn’t been modified since your course.

The confusion in phraseology probably stems from this Easa regulation which applied from December 2019 as the CPL/IR can be issued without the UPRT element or MCC for those on the Modular route.

Currency together with simulator preparation are separate issues which would need to be addressed.

It will be interesting to see airlines policies on re employment / recruitment once the impact of the tsunami has retreated.
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Old 13th Jul 2020, 09:07
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My understanding is that the integrated courses included an element of UPRT. However, the new rule is you must have done "Advanced UPRT" before beginning your first multi crew type rating. Historically, most integrated courses haven't done enough to to cover the "advanced" requirements. Since it was introduced, there has actually been a shortage of qualified instructors and schools approved to deliver it (at least in the UK).

Check with your school. As you finished your training back in 2016, I doubt they have given you advanced uprt. Unless of course you have previously held a multi crew type rating?? If so, then this doesn't apply and you're golden!
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Old 13th Jul 2020, 09:09
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And it doesn't matter when you completed your course. The line in the sand is whether you began a multi crew type rating before 31 December 2019.
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Old 5th Aug 2020, 11:17
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Hello Pilots, can anyone please help me to understand for APURT do I have to have SEP rating Valid? I had some mix opinions till now, a school from Greece they told me for APURT requirements are CPL ME/IR Validity and SEP validity is not a concern, and a school from Hungary they told me that for AUPRT I have to have the valid SEP, can anyone please help me to get rid off this confusion.
Thank you so much.
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Old 10th Aug 2020, 20:57
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All of the FCL.745.A airborne training requirement is dual and so an SEP rating is definitely NOT required.

Any organisation that claims you require SEP clearly does not understand the requirements.

To be fair, many organisations don't! I presented on UPRT at the European Airline Training Symposium in Berlin last year, and a number of organisations were still talking about delivering the 'on-aircraft' UPRT programme on Flight Sims....!
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Old 5th Sep 2020, 19:09
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Continuing the discussion on Advanced UPRT (FCL.745.A) - does it need to be an ATO providing the course, or it can also be a FCL.915(e) licensed instructor delivering on behalf of DTO as well?

Unfortunately I fail to find the exact wording from EASA that explains this, if someone could give pointers, that would be best.
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Old 5th Sep 2020, 19:49
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(a) The advanced UPRT course shall be completed at an ATO and shall comprise at least:
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Old 5th Sep 2020, 20:26
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Old 7th Sep 2020, 16:29
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Good to See EASA UPRT Underway Again

It appears that due to COVID, EASA Advanced UPRT is starting to get outsourced by many flight schools to specialized UPRT ATOs.
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Old 7th Sep 2020, 17:15
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I think that was happening well before Covid.

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