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Spatial Orientation

Old 16th Feb 2018, 19:41
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Spatial Orientation


i could not find an helpfull explanation to how to do it, can any on eplease explain it?

here's couple of examples:

thank you
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Old 16th Feb 2018, 20:39
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Old 17th Feb 2018, 13:23
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Does it come with instructions? What are you supposed to be doing?

Based on just those pictures it looks like the concentric circles in the box on the bottom left is the beacon and you are supposed to select the numbered square where the aircraft is, is that right?
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Old 17th Feb 2018, 15:59
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the only instuctions they gave is chose the position of the aircraft accurding to the gyro campus and the location of the aircraft compared to the beacon accurding to the RBI,
from those if you take a look on the first example i gave i understood it suppose to be the top left air craft on number 5,
however they say its the bottom right air craft on number 1..

i can seems to understand the logic
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Old 18th Feb 2018, 15:46
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It seems to me that in the first example it would be the top left aircraft since the gyro shows heading north and it would be in position 1 since the RBI shows that the beacon is directly behind the aircraft.

I don't see how it could be the bottom right aircraft since that one is facing south.

On the second example I think it's the bottom right aircraft in position 6.
The gyro shows a heading south and the RBI shows the beacon to be behind and to the left of the aircraft.
The RBI is always positioned with your heading on top and is showing the position of the beacon relative to you current heading so if the needle is pointing down then it is pointing behind you regardless you what is written on the compass card behind the needle.

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Old 18th Feb 2018, 15:51
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I agree with appleACE, simply transpose in your mind the needle of the ADF on the gyro to have a pseudo-HSI with bearing indicator.
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Old 18th Feb 2018, 17:02
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First look at the left hand instrument to determine heading, and it can only be North, South, East or West from the choices given. In diagram 1 this is North so the top left aircraft. Then look at the right hand instrument which shows where the beacon is relative to you. In diagram 1 it is behind you so the posters above are correct, its the top left aircraft in position 1.

In the second diagram the heading is South, so bottom right aircraft, the beacon is shown behind you and to your left so position 6.
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Old 19th Feb 2018, 14:38
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Alex is spot on.

A RBI does NOT always have your heading on top - you are thinking of an RMI.

Example 1 = HDG North, (fixed card) RBI shows beacon behind aircraft with relative bearing = 180. Only possible option = top left aircraft in position 1.

Example 2 = HDG South, (fixed card) RBI shows beacon behind and left of aircraft with relative bearing = 225. Only possible option = bottom right aircraft in position 6.

We know it's (probably) a fixed card RBI as it shows 0 at the top. If it was an RMI it would display the aircraft heading at the top. A moving card RBI can display the heading at the top but this is manually adjusted on completion of a turn.
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Old 9th Feb 2019, 21:32
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Hi all.

Ive been practicing on SkyTest Pan Asia for the Spatial Orientation test.

I think I understand what the test is asking.

For the Gyro part it asks for the direction of the plane. And you click the appropriate picture from the bottom right.

For the RBI part. I'm more confused.

I understand that it doesn't rotate. So it will always have NORTH at the top. REGARDLESS of what direction you are ACTUALLY going.

So the idea is to rotate the RBI in your head to match the Gyro. So if the Gyro is facing SOUTH then on the RBI. You rotate in your head the RBI so 0degree is South. Then look at where the arrow is pointing from this new position.

But I have no idea how I got one of these 2 questions correct and other incorrect? Can anyone give an opinion???

In the first pic. Plane is heading EAST. So plane icon facing to the right of the window.
So RBI rotated so N is at East. (as per the overlayed Blue letters)
Which puts the beacon directly BEHIND me in the WEST. Hence my choice of Box 5

But in this one. Plane is Heading South. Plane Icon pointing to bottom of screen
Rotate RBI so N is facing South. (see blue letters)
RBI is off to my right at roughly 45 degrees
so I chose box 2
Which was wrong

Thanks everyone

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