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Quality Fly ATPL Integrated

Old 1st May 2017, 19:50
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Quality Fly ATPL Integrated


I have recently come across a course in Madrid offered by a school called Qualityfly. Can anyone offer an insight to the Integrated course that they offer? Value for money, quality, etc? The course is offered for ?45K.I need to choose from Ibertour or Qualityfly.

Thank you.
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Old 2nd May 2017, 16:24
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I have also come across this. Full zero to ATPL in under 40K. Guys any thoughts?
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Old 3rd Jan 2019, 21:35
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I've only heard bad things about Qualityfly. One Ground instructor (self appointed CTKI) who threatens students and makes being there intolerable. He only teaches a few hours per day as he has to spend time doing important CTKI duties, students left to their own devices and self study. They are happy to take your money but don't produce the QUALITY their name suggests. As screwed says, a lot of students have recently left due to being unhappy and have lost money in the process and yes the ratings are from staff, I can't see a single independent review on their site, probably because they remove all the others as they are derogatory. You go cheap, you get poor quality!
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Old 13th Feb 2019, 19:22
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Dear readers,

Im Juan Cervero, the Managing Director of QUALITY FLY Aviation Academy since November 2018, and Id like to answer and share some facts following the comments that have been posted above in this public forum.

I would like to be completely honest and transparent, since the accusations are serious and unfair, and do not reflect the Organisation which is currently training over 50 international students who are currently undertaking their integrated pilot license training at our facilities, and our team of over 15 employees.

Yes, over the last 6 months, we were faced with several challenges at our flying school, mainly as a result of our rapid growth and the huge demand we have received over the past two years. However, I would like to point out that the information posted above does not in any way reflect the reality, neither at the time we were faced with the challenges, and most certainly not now. As with any organisation faced with peaks of disruption, the responsibility of the management team will always be to identify the root cause, and action upon that accordingly.

The problem: As the person with utmost authority within this organisation, I am well aware of the issues that were highlighted at the time, as these were identified to me soon after I joined the team. One of my first objectives within the organisation was to gather information from both our customers and our team of instructors. I concluded that due to a very distinct conflict of personalities, a toxic relationship had developed between some of our students, our Chief Ground School Instructor working for us at the time, and one of our Ground Instructors. As a relatively small organisation, where we give tremendous importance to the relationship with our customers, it was apparent that the customer experience at the time was far from optimal. As an approved ATP training organisation, we demand full dedication from our students, and at times the pressure is high, but that is no excuse for not engaging with our students, this being one of our key company values. Once I was aware of what was causing the friction, corrective action was taken, including changes within our management team. Unfortunately, several students had already made the decision to complete their training elsewhere. We were very sad to lose those students, and we tried everything that was in our scope to recover their trust and confidence in our organisation.

[The atmosphere: I can confirm that, yes, the student atmosphere was not the best back in October. However, I can share with you my professional impression of the atmosphere now; I see smiles and motivation in the students as they progress through their training. And the impression seems to be the same in the candidates visiting the school when they are offered to participate in a class and meet our students. As this is a very subjective topic, we are conducting regular interviews with our students, to listen to their concerns, and we will requestthat their opinions are shared in these public forum for your more complete information..

To conclude: I want to share with you that we are a young but growing organization which, as with all organizations, will occasionally be faced with challenges. However, I can confirm with emphasis that our team is working with motivation, and making every effort to offer the best training to our students, our customers. The school will continue to grow in size and quality, and we will continue to invest heavily to ensure all the required resources, both physical and human, are available in order for our students to complete their training to the highest of standards.

With this post I hope to have clarified some of the issues highlighted above, but from a wider perspective.

Juan Cervero (CEO)
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Old 14th Feb 2019, 12:43
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Contact the students who left in the autumn with a fair settlement (fair to them) and I will delete/edit my comments, but until you do, my comments stand and you will be tarred with the reputation of being a disreputable ATO.

The ball is in your court.
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Old 14th Feb 2019, 19:37
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Accident near Madrid
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Old 3rd Apr 2019, 12:06
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My name is abdalla, i study in quality fly i have been here for 8 months, the instructors give every ounce of knowledge they have to students and make sure they can pass EASA Exams (look at the passing ratio in EASA).

the information you're giving out is completely inccorect, if you visit the school you will see for yourself, i am happy with the school for the reason that studying enviroment is excellent, it's cheap compared to the other schools, you pay less and you get the same results, weather is really nice in madrid, personally im from sweden i don't choose to study in sweden because the weather is really bad and it's expensive.
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Another student of Quality Fly here.
Granted, I'm a first time poster so take this with a pinch of salt if you are the cynical type. I did however feel compelled to "defend" the school on the back of a random search whilst lurking on the forum.

I've been studying with QF for the past nine months. I've completed 12 of 14 EASA ATPL exams with an average of 96% and have almost 100 flying hours.
Yes, you don't get the same hand holding I imagine you would receive at a 150,000 Euro school. Shocker.

I'm a career changer, able to dedicate 10+ hours a day to studying, seven days a week and determined to get through the training as soon as possible. The school is set up for people with a similar mindset to people like me. Perhaps the marketing department has some work to do so that potential students can understand this method of learning and the level of self commitment you will require.

Being a newer school, of course there were problems but thats a part of the reason the price is so affordable. As it grows, improves and learns, QF is increasing the price. The course that new students receive today is of far higher quality than that which I received myself. Teachers are of higher experience, fleet size has been increasing and the facilities are expanding and upgrading.
The management and teachers have been very open to suggestions and one of mine was that we require standardised practices where all students are treated equally. Earlier batches of students had a much closer relationship with teachers due to the small class sizes, there was a transition phase when new students were joining the ATPL classes whilst the "friends" of the teachers were still doing ground school. This caused friction and resulted in some feeling they weren't being treated fairly. Neither side showed its finest side but complaints were listened to and money was given back to those who left. I can't say wether or not they got a fair price back. That is a subjective, private matter neither side is obliged to share. I myself also felt some students were treated with more leniency than others, this happens in every part of life. Once these students graduated, the school has really pushed to ensure all students are held to the same standards.

Quick overview:
After a couple of months of ground school for the "intro" phase you're flying in the third month whilst doing ground school for 5 hours a day, Mon - Fri. Eight months of ground school with the option to go to SENASA for your official exams whenever you and your CTKI feel you are ready. Work your ass off for 12-15 months and get out into the market. 100% of the graduates so far have jobs flying. No complaints.

You get what you put in and it's definitely not for those who want to be gifted their ATPL licence.
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