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Flying Academy in Czech Republic...opinion !

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Flying Academy in Czech Republic...opinion !

Old 9th Aug 2016, 07:41
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Based on your supermarket example, it is clear that you didn't understand the discussed issues here.

Nobody here has complained about the costs on the contract. If the hourly cost of flying is 100 Dolars, I am okay with it and of course the company will make a profit from here.

The issue is the unfair costs which are clearly mentioned above. Yet there is no clarification regarding to them, including you..
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Old 9th Aug 2016, 08:33
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Yes, i mostly go to supermarket but i dont pay the product in the bill if i didint buy it during shopping. Or i dont pay just to like butcher smiled me. Here is a forum and everybody express their opinions and their experiences. You and other employees of school just want to have positive comments, and for negative comments faced immediately professional replies! Let you guys tell you something! This school was really huge bad experience for me and it seems same for couple of other people too! And i have a right to write it everywhere about my experiences. My comments are still same and your examples are still funny!
- contracts are legal documents, not like buying products from supermarket.
- changing something in the contract, needs both parties agreement
-Hidden(extra costs) are not fully written in the webpage, at the end you will pay more than 2.250.
- before telling someone be a professional, tell this to your school and boss to be a professional. He has legal responsibilities and if he wants to play with them, kindly saying that it is not good for him and for his school.
-this is the first time i see a guy who really likes to fly with broken indicator.
-i was about to believe when you tell that they fix everything you reported before flying. Did they also tell you that if you write it in aircraft logbook, they will not let you fly for a long time. Because of you, they have to ground the aircraft, and money is important, be professional please.
-be professional please
-please be professional
-professional be please
-be please professional
-please professional be
-professional please be

Pay a lot more, put your life at risk... But please be professional, butcher still smiles you!
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Old 9th Aug 2016, 22:40
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PilotinCommander, you are correct: everyone is entitled to express their opinion, including me. I have no idea why you are diminishing my positive experience. I have the right to state the truth, which is that this school is a positive experience for me. My contract was not changed in any way and I have always received what I paid for. This is my experience and I have the right to express it. Since none of us is coming with anything new, I do not understand why we cannot stop this conversation and leave it to this: you expressed your opinion, I expressed mine. Beyond this point, I don't see a point to continue since we clearly have different views.
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Old 24th Aug 2016, 11:14
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Hello guys,

I wanna share with you that I passed my PPL with the Flying Academy and that there is nothing wrong with this school. I don't know why it is that some people here are writing bad about the school, but I had a very good time there and I still will continue my ratings at this school, but that is my honest experience!
I cannot Judge for others or place comments for them, but as far as I know and other student pilots I've met at this school(and there are alot) I never heard any of them having problems with this school. So my advice is ignore all the negative things you hear about this school and go check it out yourself!
I had and still will have fun there and there are alot of nice people there, in the office and in the air. I cannot say they are they best, but I got my PPL with them so they are the best for me. The instructors may be young yes, but they are highly commited and I received good instructions!
So thank you guys from the Flying Academy and keep up the good work!

Have a nice day people and many happy landings.
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Old 25th Aug 2016, 12:16
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Dear Radim,
I have told you if I ever write a review about your school I will post my name under it, I have been very busy with the recent developments in my country, however it's very unfair that you have mentioned my financial details openly in public forum so I must write a short answer.. stay tuned.
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Old 25th Aug 2016, 19:08
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I agree with all negative comments of this school. It is so hard for me to understand how people write positive feedbacks here. It seems Radim asked couple of people to write positive comments here. I finished my training in this school with lots of arguing, and its pity that a lot people seems have the same issues. Radim's mentality is to earn more money and still he doesnt give a sht of legal documentation as some people mentioned it above as a contract. He never care about it. During my training, student FI's tried to teach me too and it was so funny and at the same time so pity for me too. But that was the reality... Unfortunately, aircrafts were not good enough too. I/We also had the same problems like inop instruments in the aircrafts.( no safety absolutely ) I would like to give an opinion to the students in this academy: Please check your myfbo every day and get printscreens into your computer or ipad. Because for example, they will charge you today(25.08.2016) something for 20.07.2016. They charged me these kind of transactions a lot and they told me that i did it last month. But actually i didint do it. Whatever you say, they are always right and if you dont pay it, they threaten you to not to fly anymore. Dont stay in CTR, if you have to stay, then please count your minutes, otherwise they will charge you more and more. And please everytime read AIP before paying anything. If you are not sure on anything, you can always ask CAA or you can ask CAA checkride examiners when they come to school. Dont believe to school, always check everything from AIP and CAA.
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Old 26th Aug 2016, 04:14
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I have no idea what is going on in Czech Republic branch but I write some feedback about their US branch. I did my CFI/CFII training there.

First of all I would like to say that Chief pilot Daniel did a really good job and it was a pleasure to work with him.

Second thing that I like that front desk ladies were very helpful. Specially Sandy helps us a lot and made our staying and studying in school enjoyable and easy. Also Sandy did a great job of getting a check ride schedule for us. Examiners were so busy but somehow she did it sooner than we expected. All students really appreciate her help.

Last is Oanas help was very quick and exact. She is a definitely great person to work with. We did not ask Oana many things because everything was done as it should on first time.

One thing that I was concern about is groundschool. Sometimes it was 4-5 of us in a classroom and we had same class but price was same as a private lesson. I don't think that price should be same in this case because we can take for this money private lessons and cover a lot more information for the same period of time. Maybe it can be a good idea to create some ground classes for people who get same ratings few times a week for a different price.

Aircraft rental prices are good many people come from Europe to their time building in Florida because of the weather, if you want to fly everyday this is a good place to go.
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Old 27th Aug 2016, 17:08
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Guys, don't you think you are taking this a bit too personal? I mean this school is not all about Radim. I personally did not interact much with him. Maybe it was because I am minding my own career and my own path and my own goals.

Do you at least realize that you sound nothing like professional pilots? That you have the wrong attitude and the wrong approach to things... Just saying from the perspective of somebody who has positive experience with this school.

If they make mistakes? - yes, we all do. We are all humans. But when I addressed something, it was acknowledged and corrected.

If you sometimes have to wait for the plane to come out of maintenance? - sure! They fly a lot and they fly with students and they will need care and maintenance. So of course they cannot focus too much on details, because then you would complain that you have to wait too long. What I mean is that you would find a reason to complain either way...

I was never approached by Radim or by anyone before joining this school. I was the one approaching them and other schools. I chose this school, they did not choose me or any other student. We, as students, are the ones choosing the school. I am proud of my choice and I believe that anybody who is unhappy with the choice should just make a better choice. However, I believe that neither of you is doing so because you do know that any other school has issues and that nobody is perfect...

Bottom line, nobody has asked me to write positive things, just like, I guess, nobody asked you to write negative ones. I am doing so because I feel like we are talking about different schools. Our experience is so different... Maybe it is me, but I cannot see the things from your perspective no matter how much I try. For me, Flying Academy is the best choice and I want to share my opinion with anyone interested in reading it.

This school has helped me become what I want to become when no other school was offering me the same training, the same flexibility, in the same time frame for the same amount of money. I am getting the best out of what I am paying for. The rest, is hard work and the right attitude. That is everyone's individual contribution.
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Old 27th Aug 2016, 21:45
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I believe it is you (Radim and most probably Bogdan) took this discussion personal here. As seen, not only me but also other guys here stated the reasons why we were not satisfied with the training in Flying Academy. In return, you didn't reply to those reasons, didn't make an explanation. Moreover you made personal comments.. Because we are stating the bitter truth and the only escape for you is to take this discussion away from these solid facts..

Last edited by flybywiree; 28th Aug 2016 at 20:21.
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Old 27th Aug 2016, 21:50
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Yes so personal, i paid my fee myself, not my dad! Of course it will be personal, its my money! Radim is the owner of the business and of course he is responsible! I am not going to give business lessons here to anyone, i am not going to give who is responsible of what about legal stuff. It seems some people think that, they can pay 100.000 euro if their lovely boss ask them to pay. Because its their own dream, own path and own goals. Radim is really doing good things for those people!!! Not for a people who always mention objective comments. As it seems some people think that being professional is related only writing positive comments! So, you are really professional, well done! And Radim is doing perfect business! Well done!!! I will continue to write all negative things as much as i can, not only here also already written all forums! I dont need to be objective because you are already doing it for everybody and you are so professional! Say hi to your boss!

Very very very best of best regards,
PS: Can some professional guys tell me about how come only Radim can change contract himself without asking an approval of other party? If he does so, what are the legal responsibilities? Additionally, if he charges you different fees as he told you before signing a contract, where are your rights if he charges you after signing a contracr?

Very very very best regards
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Old 30th Aug 2016, 08:15
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I actually created an account after seeing some of the comments In this topic. Everybody is here for the same purpose in the end. Then what is the added benefit of name and shame which might hurt you in the future?

Each and every school, no matter what you will pay, will have its flaws. It's nothing new in this world and will continue to be like this. The moment a school stops to develop and improve is the moment you have to get out. Sure enough there are some things to say about this school, but if you don't like it, you are free to make your future steps somewhere else.

It's not unusual to have contingency plans in place for different options or whether you are going to pay more than expected. There are so many variables that you can't avoid to revert back to some back up funds. As long as you just plan for it then all of the above becomes a bit more easier. I do agree that the school could communicate a bit better at given times but this is something you will see everywhere.

In the end, I am still with the school and so far all is going according to plan. I am sure I will be confronted with things in the future but as long as it is communicated and have back up plan in place I am not too worried about it.

One last advice, don't name and shame and call each other out. It shows a lack of professionalism and airmanship where you initially signed up for.
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Old 6th Oct 2016, 13:41
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Hi guys,

Just got my PPL this summer and from my incredibly high experience of 58hrs with Flying Academy I can say I'm satisfied overall.
And I can post my first stuff on PPRuNe now that I'm officially a pilot

Instructors are young and are not airline pilots yes, so what? Yes it could be cool to have airline pilots instructors, but I believe the most important when you're learning something, is to have a good feel with your instructor.
If you don't like the guy and the way things are explained, you won't enjoy and you won't learn much, no matter if the guy is a 777 captain with 15,000hrs.
That said, I heard fellow students saying some instructors are not good. Well you can always ask to change I guess.

I had several instructors for my PPL, some better than others, but I mainly flew with one of them, Max for those who know him, and I wouldn't have passed everything easily if it wasn't for the good vibes during instruction.
PPL completed after 45.1hrs, passed at first attempt. Theory passed after repeating twice meteorology only, English and RT passed at first attempt too.

I spotted mistakes twice in my transaction records, but the 2 ladies at the front desk are really nice and help you when they can (Prague base, Letnany, I don't know much about Brno).
Same goes for scheduling, especially now for my TB, I check availability online, I call, they book, boom I fly, easy. Yes if you're the 5th person of the day, usually you will have delays. Well, book a week in advance and book for early mornings. Flight Radar 24 is your friend too, it may not be exactly accurate, but it gives you an idea as to when you can expect your airplane to be back to base.
Flying Academy has good coffee to wait otherwise...

Safety is good, never heard of major incidents. Airplanes are maybe oldish, but they fly well. It's maybe a personal choice, but I prefer older planes, I tried a Tecnam P2008, it's a nice little machine, but it feels too much like an UL for me. Whereas a good old C172 or even a C152 feel more like airplanes. But again, that's just my personal feeling, I like old school machines.
I passed the PPL in around a year and only had once the left magneto making some noise.
Recently during my TB I had the attitude indicator bouncing all around, but VFR day, who cares. Incidents are reported and planes go to maintenance when needed, as far as I'm aware of.
2 inops in 1 year, I guess it's acceptable?

As for the hidden costs, well guys, just make yourself an Excel budget simulation and factor-in all possible costs. And I mean everything, I even count the car fuel and depreciation to drive the 40km to the school!
We are all supposed to have a minimum of aviation costs knowledge, otherwise we are not really passionate...So you should know what are the costs of flying. You know you are going to pay landing / com fees, RT, English fees, licence issuance fee etc. I hope you knew before the school told you that these things are not for free??
So just ask the school don't wait for them to tell you. Ask how much is the landing fee here and there, are low-pass charged, how different is the night charge blablabla etc. if you don't ask yeah they might not tell you, they're sales people, it's their job to sell and not to answer questions you don't ask. I work in Procurement, the basic rule is to dig info from sales people, they won't give it to you if you don't ask!
So far I'm above my cost estimations by 600 EUR, I guess my simulation file works quite well.
Ask your instructors where they want to fly, check the AIP of all airports you will probably fly to during your training and just add this to the average flight hour fee.

Again, just sharing my experience, and mostly for their base in Letnany, I don't know about Brno. So far so good for me.
I'm probably not going to do my ATPL theory there because for English speakers it's in Brno only, and not in practical times for a guy like me who works and live in Prague.
But I guess I would continue with my IR/MEP/CPL flight training with them, mostly because of my good experience with their instructors.
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Old 25th Nov 2016, 03:16
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Hey guys am really confused after reading all these replies. Am planning to study in FA but I need a clear answer about the price of Modular ATPL and + the Departure and landing fees from any student or anyone who got their license from FA and I want to know is there arab students?

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Old 27th Nov 2016, 15:37
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it will cost more than 50000 euro , and yes most of the students are Arabs .

i suggest you to check another school , you will suffer here
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Old 28th Nov 2016, 08:53
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You will not get a clear answer from Flying Academy. Whatever the price they will give you, during the training you will face with more cost.
Everything is clearly stated in the previous commnents.
Good luck..
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Old 7th Feb 2018, 23:53
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Smile Honest reviews

Hi everyone,

I have been looking around online trying to find reviews for this training centre, its kind of a shame that this thread seems to be the only thread that has some.
Obviously i have read enough to be concerned but I would like to know if these strong reviews are warranted or just maybe jaded students, i promise I mean no offense ,the reviews just seemed almost exaggeratedly alarming. I am considering taking an integrated atpl here. Has any one else had any experience here that they would be willing to share?
I would really really appreciate any input.
My budget is around 50-60k and finding somwhere that offers atpl and mcc and joc for that price in europe seems rare.
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Old 9th Apr 2018, 14:29
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I was also advised to give this school a miss,2 friends of mine asked for quotes for courses.They were given a price but when wanting to sign up for the courses,told they would have to pay a higher price.
Not very good way to do business.
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Old 9th Apr 2018, 20:14
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How many times should it be written here!?! Stay away from this school!
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Old 4th May 2018, 10:26
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noone answers

I dont trust ' em anymore.
You dont receive an answer by email.
And noone pics up the phone.

The website does not show any pictures of a building, studying rooms nor any instructors.

But thats my minimum a flight school Must meet.

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Old 22nd Oct 2018, 13:50
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Flying Academy The worst place for Flight Training

Cheap but you will learn nothing and will have problems finding a job later on. because of low quality of training

I agree with all negative comments of this school.

It is so hard for me to understand how people write positive feedback's here. It seems Radim asked couple of people to write positive comments here.

I finished my training in this school with lots of arguing, and a lot off people have the same issues. very unprofessional personnel working in Flying Academy.

Radim's mentality is to earn more money and still he doesn't give a sht of legal documentation, quality or safety as some people mentioned it. He never cared about it.

During My training.

Student Flight instructors (means cheap for the school but low quality for you) tried to teach you, it was so funny and at the same time so pity. But that was the reality...quality of training was bad.
Aircraft's are old and in a bad condition. I also had the same problems like inop instruments/Radios, aircraft's paperwork not correct.( no safety at all ) safety is a serious problem at this school. During the years they had some serious incidents/accidents and problems with the CAA

They have a booking system called myfbo, for example you put 5000 euro on that Myfbo and they charge the flights and everything from this 5000 euro keep in mind on this account there has to be always a positive amount of money. so far so good you think. But now flying academy suddenly charge you thinks from 6 months ago ore thinks you dint use or cant remember so you lose track and may pay for things you never used or do. You think i will speak with the school and ask or not pay.

No chance. Whatever you say, they are always right and if you dont pay it, they threaten you to not fly and stop your training. On the end you will pay more otherwise you get stuck.
What i want to say here is that they try to fool you in the beginning with their emails and website about the prices to get you in.on the end you get stuck and paying more

Dont believe to school, always check everything ask the CAA If you are not sure on anything.

It was the worst mistake to come to Flying Academy. I left the school and went to another flight school in Czech republic to finish my training

Don't fool yourself with a nice looking website look at facts.
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