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Getting an airliner job

Hi everyone,

I'm planning to complete my ATPL course in a few months, when I will have obtained all fundamental licenses (CPL, IR, Multiengine, MCC, Jet Familiarization).

Now, the question is this: if I add to all the above a self-financed type rating for, say, A320, would that make my chances of getting an airliner job any bigger than zero?

I know that usually airlines require 300, even 500 hours on type, but that's financially beyond my reach. So I figured that the only two options for me would be either to buy cheaper simulator time-building, or find an airline that would sponsor my time building in return for some provision off my salary later on.

So I'd have two questions:

1. Does simulator practice count as "time on type"?
2. Are there any (preferably European) airlines that help build time on a given type?

Thanx in advance!
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I am afraid a type rating by itself will be no use whatsoever. If anything it will stop you getting a job with a operator who flys different aircraft.
For example if you obtain a A320 rating, no turbo prop operator would look at you, after all as soon as a Airbus job comes you would be off.

This has been covered many many many times here, I suggest you search
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Oh and in answer to your questions
1: No
2: I very much doubt it, so No again
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The simulator is purely used to train for emergencies, engine failures, depressurisation drills and so on. It is absolutely nothing like line flying or the day to day job, so beyond the 30 hours or so you may do on a type rating, any other Sim time is useless.

A type rating is more than simply learning to fly the aircraft, it is also learning all your companies Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and is therefore specific to that company. Two different companies both operating an A320 could have some fairly significant differences in their operating procedures, so just going off and buying your own type rating with no hint of a job could actually make you completely unemployable, since you will learn a load of generic SOPs then any company that employs you will end up retraining you to their way.

The type rating is nothing, a small fraction of the overall picture, the big thing is line training. This is where you really learn to fly the aircraft and your day to day duties and responsibilities. If you're paying for this then you are nuts, you should be fully employed by this stage and on salary.

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Welcome to the Wannabee forum. You will find lots of people here who will help you get a fot on the ladder but they do expect you to do some research yourself.

May I suggest thast you use the Search Function and you will find that your questions have been asked - and in many cases , answered - many times before.

Good luck with the research

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