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Dear all,

I recently completed my FAA PPL in Florida, over at Sunstate Aviation. Great place to learn to fly, if you ask me! Anyhow, I'm seriously looking at a career in aviation, and where I come from, my local aviation authorities seem to put
much more weight on the ex-JAA, now EASA licensing structure. I have no idea
why this is the case though.

Now, all these terms have gotten me kinda confused. I tried doing some research online but I still have quite a few doubts about the different licensing structure

For now, I intend to convert my FAA license into a EASA license. I am short of the 100 hours by 1.2 hours. Not a problem. All I need is 3 theory papers and a flight test and voila, I will have successfully converted my FAA PPL into an EASA PPL.

Here's the thing I don't quite understand. Assuming I got to ACA (FlyOft.com) to convert to the EASA license, which country will be the issuing authority of the license? My medical is a UK Class 2 medical. So I assume the UK will be the final issuing authority for my license. But is it JAR-FCL compliant (whatever that means)?

Ultimately, I want to have an EASA PPL license that is issued by the UK CAA BUT is recognized throughout Europe, so that I do not have to jump through hoops and loops if I were to fly professionally outside of the UK.

Is this what they mean by JAR-FCL compliant?

I certainly do not want a UK CAA PPL.

Please help. I'm really confused.

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I certainly do not want a UK CAA PPL.
And the CAA won't issue you with one either.

It would be an EASA FCL PPL, which has superseded the JAR-FCL PPL which in turn superseded the CAA PPL and so on...
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