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Bartolini Air Flight School

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Originally Posted by NesherUY View Post
If you donít mind of course: Can you describe what your experience was like going there? Did they help you with job hunting once you left or give you any contacts? Any goods and bads? Thanks!
my experience was great, I would do it all over again.

It was the most memorable flying I ever did, probably even more then the actual airline flying.
The way the teach, interact with students was amazing. Iíve had some experience with other flight school and I couldnít say the same for them. Bartolini gives a quality training, rather then just taking your money.

When I finished training, the airlines werenít hiring at all. So it took some preparation and effort to get hire. Bartolini worked with me in every aspect, from recommendations letters, to even hooking me up with people in the industry. I got hired soon after and Iím so great full it all worked out as if it wasnt for them, I could have been hunting for a job a little bit longer.

This was my experience, and bear in mind this was over 3 years ago. Things might have slightly changed now due to a massive amount of students going trough, but again, things have never been better for prospective pilots!

Good luck
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things have never been better for prospective pilots!
Hmm...not sure about that looking at some of the 'Rumours and News' threads.
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yeah I wouldn’t really focus my attention on Ryanair if thats what you mean. They are not the only gig in town.
There’s plenty of choice and airlines hiring at the moment. ( Jet2,Easy jet, TUI, Stobart, CityJet,Flybe,Aerlingus and thats just in europe, without mentioning Quatar, Emirates, etc) When I started my flying career there was not even one airline that was hiring unless you were prepared to go to Botswana or Susi air. So go figure

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And what about the CPL + ME (IR) courses? Also having delays? Did you hear anyhting about it?

Thanks and good luck
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Can anyone give me any advice on how hard the entry assessment is and if just practicing compass tests is enough?
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september 2020 or september 2021 slot?
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September 2020

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Hi Shane_w77,
How was your assessment? I am also thinking about participating in the assessment.
All the best.
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Avoid at all cost

This is SERIOUS advice from someone who's wasted their time here, whether you are consider this regardless or to encourage you to go somewhere else, this is for you:

If you are bent on this disaster, DON'T start in September: by the time ground school is finished you will be wasting your time and not finish until February the following year even due to RAIN and poor weather. That just shows it is a rip-off and a fake school where the name somehow implies Italian ownership which is FALSE. This is a Polish ONLY school. You will be advised that there are foreign instructors; you will have to FIGHT for flying with them and find yourself having a local instructor constantly controlling the sticks or interfering without you knowing.

The TECNAMs are weak, tiny rubbish airplanes (the only thing Italian about the school): Fiat Punto of the skies at best.

There you have it.

The team is not serviceminded at all and you will be shocked at how rude the people are. It seems it is still the USSR/developing country in the worst way and the filthy city of lodz. Once you have arrived you will have to sign onto ALL their rubbish courses ie the whole program in a NASTY contract. You can forget about getting your money back or make demands the smallest of things as you pay up front.

If you wanna go and waste your time and money in Poland go to Warsaw or Poznan and do the PPL there instead; my advice is go somewhere with good weather or stay at home and pay as you go--time considered it will be A LOT cheaper. RyanAir won't be hiring anyone from this place in this economy.

The school is not even easy to get to, 2 kms from the airport entrance and lousy connections--LAUGHS!

Good luck and stay out! You have been warned.. if you have questions write privately. I will check in from time to time here but not often.
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In all fairness you seem like you’re looking for a miracle. Maybe for a flight school outside your house and a license without training and any effort.

So you want to be an airline pilot, yet 2km drive/walk/cycle to flight school is a difficult job for you??

I personally think with this attitude, airline pilot would be a wrong job for you, perhaps local walk to lidl to stack shelves would be more appropriate.
What would you do if an airline told you to self position from one country to operate in another country and then to drive back in a taxi for 5 hours?? This is the reality! Not sure what are you expecting?

As for tecnam planes, hey it’s a personal preference! For me they are fantastic planes, great trainers and cheap!This is exactly what you want when you’re training.

But since you dont want the puntos of the sky, there are Cirrus SR22’s used in Holland for training, Called Ferrari’s of the sky, but at €500 per hour. Would this suit you better? Definitely something you want to do your hours, really cheap and affordable

Bartolini offer a Seneca V too? Is this too bad for you too? Hmm but thats a Piper! What would they know

Your complain here is a sign of desperation and a sign of reality in this current climate.

Bartolini has taught thousands of pilots who now fly worldwide including myself and I never had an ounce of bad experience.

As a matter of fact, I was about to enroll in Oxford Aviation ( At the time the best of the best.. on the paper at least) but I ended up in Bartolini!

Later on while I was deep in the right seat already, my Oxford friends were still job hunting!

Bartolini is a highly regarded school in aviation sector, and you’ve got to work to achieve things and this exactly what they provide.

To end this, Aviation is not a Leonardo Di Caprio style life!
Its a race to the bottom, its a hard working environment, its a continuous hardship in order to climb that ladder and to even question whether you will ever get that first job!

At your level, I would certainly give this a one big thought! You are already struggling and seems like you haven't even started!

It’s not going to get easier, no flights schools are going to be what you expect and no one is going to bow to you! Its a twisty road ahead and you already crashed on the first bend!

Hope you find a suitable school

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The part which I found most surprising was that in winter the weather in Poland is cloudy and rainy. Who would have thought? I thought that it was +25į and sunny almost every day and kept wondering why winter sun seekers went to Hurghada instead of Łodz. Now I have the answer.
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Bartolini have never claimed to be an Italian flight school. And if you did not want to fly with a Polish instructor, why did you go to Poland in the first place? Did you even visit the school before signing up to it? That's rule number 1 when it comes to picking a school for training.

Lodz isn't the best city in Poland, I give you that, but I still had a great time during my two years there, but this is personal and probably not every body is able to adapt. I had an excellent experience also with the flight school staff as well as their transparency. A couple of weeks later I completed my training, I was contacted by them to provide them with my bank information. Turned out that, unbeknownst to me, I had a positive balance in excess of 700 euro. They could have kept it for themselves instead...

I don't think they still have a Seneca V available, but Tecnam aircraft do the job: they keep the costs down.

If the school had been even 1/10 as bad as you picture it, I would not have invested my hard earned money there. And if I had to go back I would do my training there again.

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Originally Posted by slabarto View Post
This is SERIOUS advice from someone who's wasted their time here, whether ...
with all due respect, what exactly did you expect from PPL training in Poland during the autumn? To finish it within a month?

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