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a couple of CTC questions

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a couple of CTC questions

Ok, i got a few questions and hope some people can help!

Basically i'm at the go/no go stage of CTC Wings. Almost all the questions I have can be answered by FAQs or a bit of searching, but Iím still a bit clueless about a few things. CTCs FAQs dont answer them, and I cant find them on searches. These questions are probably best answered by somebody in CTC training but I appreciate any response!

Basically my first question is about the medical insurance against having to stop flying due to medical reasons. Now, I understand that when you are flying most pilots have insurance so that if they fail their medical and thus have to give up flying, they get a pay out. Now I want to understand this situation while in training with CTC before airline placement.

The basic questions I have are:

1. To be covered for a suitable payout during the 18 months training (payment of all training costs and a bit to cover until reemployment) what are you looking at for a monthly premium?
2. Is it easy to get such cover?

The second subject Iím not so clear about is related to pay once placed. Basically I want to know:

1. What sort of wage should you expect while on reduced salary as the airline pays off the bond?
2. What sort of time frame should you expect to be on this reduced salary?

I understand it would vary from airline to airline, but a roundabout figure would be good. Also, i apolagise if these questions have been posted and answered already, but I could not find them.

Thanks! Much appreciated
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Insurance can be arranged through Paul Jones Insurance Services, who are endorsed by CTC. They are brokers who understand the nature of the CTC scheme and are able to offer a 'resonably' priced insurance product. You can go elsewhere if you can find a better deal, but tell a broker you want cover for about £85k for flight training and most will declare you uninsurable, aviation specialists generally quote more. Unsure what the current prices are, but something in the region of £450 for the 2 years should about cover it. CTC seend out an info pack once offered a place with all the details.

Things are changing regarding placements/ jobs with partner airlines at the moment. Particularly with the largest partner airline, easyJet. The new Flexicrew scheme means effectively that you do not enter into a full time employment contract with easyJet, you just work for them on contract from CTC. When you work, the pay is highly competitive (after 6 months line training) - approx £3,400 per month plus sector pay but the nature of Flexicrew means that you will most likely only work in the busy summer season, therefore half that to cover 12 months salary, consider repayments then it actually becomes incredibly difficult to make repayments. If you manage to get a placement followed by a full employment contract, each airline offers a different package. Expect £1000 per month tax free to cover bond repayment, then typically £26k per year plus sector pay on top of that as taxable salary. Hope that helps
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The salary is IN THEORY quite competitive but good luck getting re-recruited. Either you wont or CTC having a 100% placement record will no longer be the case......probably both. Do you really think that Easyjet are going to need all 80 pilots back next year together with another 50-80 over the next few years in the current economic climate? Give it time and CTC will have a surplus of 1000 pilots all with 400 hours on and A319 and 737. Just what the industry needs. Of course there will be retirements but there can't be much movement at the FO level. There has to be a building holdpool of cadets and AQC cadets and I can't see it reducing at a greater rate than it is filling with a course finishing a month. That gives you overflow. You are better off going modular and buying in through Ryanair.
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