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Flight Schools in Morocco

Hey there!

Could anyone recommend any decent Flight Schools in Morocco, please?

Modular or integrated.

Google dislikes me this evening.

Thanks in advance!

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why you like Morocoo ooooh i miss Morocoo
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Old 29th Dec 2008, 09:11   #3 (permalink)
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This site should be of help
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Old 30th Dec 2008, 07:11   #4 (permalink)
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I have done my flight training at ACRC (Aeroclub Royal de Casablanca).
The club is based at Tit Mellil Airport, from this point of view is great training conditions, no waiting, you are basically alone in the circuit.

The club has 2 Cessna 150 and 1 C172, prices are quite good comparing with Europe (now about 90 euros/hr in C150 and 140 euros/hr in C172, used to be 75 euros/hr in C150).

Instruction is in French and for ground school, theory, you have to secure your own training materials, you'd better buy them while still in Europe. Useful would be to find your maps, the ones you can buy in Morocco are crap.

Upside: you are doing the flight instruction with fully qualified instructors, mine was ex-military, jet instructor.
Downside is that there are theory exams only 2 times in a year, I have wrote my paper on November 15th, I have not received yet the results...

ACRC: +212 22332490
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Old 7th Feb 2009, 22:04   #5 (permalink)

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flight school in moroco

could anyone helpe me to find a flight school in casablanca , i need to recurrent my faa licence to fly multi engine airplane, actual or simulator ,just a 10-15 hrs. to get prepaired for my new hair for saudiairlines on the MD90 airplane i need the e-mail & the address .plz.
thx in adfance,
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flight school in moroco

Try to call an instructor ACRC flight school: +212 6 62 51 47 45 perhaps he can help you because there is no multi engine.

The website : Flightsystem, premier portail de l'aviation légère et sportive Marocaine can help you
or try to call DAC : +212-5 37 77 30 20 or +212 537 67 94 54 it's Civil Aircraft Department in Morroco.

I hope it can help you.
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Don't they have a website ? Because their phone number isn't working neither the instructr's one.
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Thanks 172driver.

I'm currently living in the UK, I'm only 16 and plan to migrate to Morocco soon.
So I'm pursuing a few things.
I even go to Air Cadets, although I have no intentions of joining the military.

By the way, does the Casablanca schools do decent training? What do they offer and how much?

Also do they have any flight schools in Fez or Kenitra
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I have no idea about flight schools in Morocco, BUT the DAC do not issue a JAA Licence, if you are getting the PPL as part of a modular course, then why not South Africa or the USA, you will have more fun there.

I would find out where in the world the Moroccan License can be used.
I had to get a Validation for my JAA License as have all the other Pilots at my company.

My understanding, from a Moroccan Airline Capt, is that there is a lot more ground study involved than in JAA states.

Also do you know what life is like over there, I have been living here 2 years now, it is not Europe.
Best of luck.
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