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Highland Flying School CAA probe

Old 5th Nov 2008, 16:54
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Highland Flying School CAA probe

in todays paper

Flying school at centre of aviation watchdog probe - The Inverness Courier
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Old 5th Nov 2008, 21:02
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Ah!!... 'The Inverness Courier'... the font of all knowledge and 'cat up a tree' jounalism!

The same paper that no doubt carried the headline 'Inverness man dies at sea' when the Titanic sank!
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Old 6th Nov 2008, 09:44
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They have an excellent setup at Inverness, it's a shame to see things get to this level. I hope that it gets resolved amicably and quickly for the benefit of those who enjoy flying there.

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Old 12th Nov 2008, 10:57
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I plan to go there this week.


I wish the CAA would rod off
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Old 12th Nov 2008, 12:53
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Anyone got anymore info on this probe?
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Old 12th Nov 2008, 12:58
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its all a load of tosh !

I just spoke to Highland and they said the matter is sorted.

Call them if you need help as you wont get it on here !
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Old 13th Nov 2008, 15:47
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Panic ye not.... They are still flying strong in the school and I can't book untill the end of December.... and they are great guys.

The more burning issue is what one gets for the 60 club fee !!! still waiting after 3 years to get any tangible benefit
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Old 13th Nov 2008, 16:13
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Anyone know what i would have to do to get probed , sounds fun
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Old 15th Nov 2008, 18:29
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all week

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Old 16th Nov 2008, 06:56
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The more burning issue is what one gets for the 60 club fee !!! still waiting after 3 years to get any tangible benefit
Use of the building for a start - the flying school doesn't own the building, it leases briefing space from the club & shares the bills. Also free landing cards for club members at a variety of smaller fields around Scotland.

Most places with a similar setup will have friction - it's hard to get a business and a group of individuals all pulling in the same direction at the same time. The current politics seems to have been taken a step further than normal, detracting from some good flying. Politics always seems to have that effect...
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Old 27th Nov 2008, 12:29
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60/YR for heat and briefing space for you and your trainer. Also a good view and plenty of relaxation space. Somewhere to make a cup of coffee and free landing fees. Internet access.

Sounds good to me.

Still welcome, but perhaps we should have let you know more clearly what you got for your money.

Enjoy flying
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Old 27th Nov 2008, 14:36
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2 sides to every story i would suspect.

i've always found HFS a pleasure to deal with
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Old 6th Dec 2008, 11:00
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They are moving premises (to a better building apparently), someone posted the new contact number but it was in the private flying forum.
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Old 6th Dec 2008, 15:45
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They own all the aircraft so there shouldn't be any problems with that, Aeroclub are going to have some problems though!
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Old 19th Dec 2008, 22:23
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On the move

The building which is to be the new location for the flying school is in the final stages of preparation.It is close to the entrance to the airport and has parking adjacent. Facilities will include refreshments area, briefing room.Visitors will be welcome.

Meanwhile the school is using an office in the main terminal building, just ask at the information desk for access.The phone number used for contacting the school is still 01667 462226.

Do not be put off by any rumours, I often rent aircraft from the school and despite the upheaval of recent times I have been satisfied with the service and look forward to more flying in 2009.
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