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general navigation ATPL

Old 29th Feb 2008, 20:22
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general navigation ATPL

for the guys out there who hated/struggled with Gen Nav, could someone offer some words of wisdom or perhaps point me in the right direction to passing this subject or to any aids they found useful?Regards and thank you in advance
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Old 29th Feb 2008, 20:23
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Let me guess... grid navigation?
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Old 29th Feb 2008, 20:34
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1) Learn to love your CRP5 (I know, I know, it's a contradiction in terms).
Learn it inside out and practice until you can use it quickly and accurately. Fear not, you'll probably never ever ever use it again once you've got your first job.

2) Have faith in your groundschool / brushup instructor.
Large parts of general nav were a mystery to me until the brushup course, when I was lucky enough to have a brilliant ex navigator - who took sadistic pleasure in winding up pilots, but was also extremely good at getting his subject across. After 2 weeks of him I was literally dreaming general nav questions in my sleep, and the exam itself was a breeze. Thanks Baz!
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Old 29th Feb 2008, 20:41
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Is there also somebody sadistic at BGS with Meteo also, like Baz with gen nav? Or he does also meteo-sadism?
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Old 29th Feb 2008, 21:10
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I'm with G SXTY on this one. It all comes down to how comfortable you are with the CRP5. God bless Baz - "put daarn your fuing plastic brain"

And thankfully once you have passed Gen Nav you can lay the CRP5 to rest in its leather sleeve. Mr Boeing and Monsieur Airboos have no requirement for you to bring the sodding thing to work when you fly one of their aircraft!
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Old 1st Mar 2008, 14:57
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We all learn at different rates and some of us have different preferred learning styles. Try and understand the big picture first, then the formulae and make sure that if you cannot grasp a concept you get some remedial help. Pictures and world globes are great aids. What am I trying to do, apart from getting from A to B? - I have to think about wind, the curvature of the earth, time zones and the failings of maps and charts to represent what is really there on the ground. When the concepts are mastered it begins to make sense. Perseverence is required, and consider some extra tuition - it is only money!!!
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Old 1st Mar 2008, 18:37
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Drawing little sketches of the problems and filling in the angles helped me.

Also remembering all the neu.... new.... pneumonics helps a lot.
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Old 9th Dec 2019, 02:07
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What's better to solve problems in the Gen Nav: a whizz wheel (CRP5/CR3) or formulae+sketches?

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Old 9th Dec 2019, 06:26
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CRP5 for me worked well
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Old 9th Dec 2019, 06:58
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Use the CR-3 (or the E6B equivalent) - you can do convergency and gris nav on the front face, aside from being much easier to use for the wind triangle.
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Old 9th Dec 2019, 09:49
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Ditch the CRaP-5 and use the Jeppesen CR-3 or whatever equivalent is available by ASA. And this former Bristol GS instructor's video helped me so much that I bought some of his iBooks:
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Old 9th Dec 2019, 10:08
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GNAV is actually one of the subjects, where you learn something useful for once. Yes, you're very unlikely to do any manual calculations like that in a modern jet, but it gives you good foundational understanding. As for the exam itself, I'd say time management is key. You get aprox 2min per question and you really have to fit yourself into those limits, otherwise you'll run out of time. So, learn to do the calculations fast and practice a lot. Good luck!
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Old 9th Dec 2019, 12:52
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Originally Posted by Banana Joe View Post
Ditch the CRaP-5 and use the Jeppesen CR-3 or whatever equivalent is available by ASA. And this former Bristol GS instructor's video helped me so much that I bought some of his iBooks:
Yes those videos saved my life too
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Old 9th Dec 2019, 14:03
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if you contact cat3c they have private tutors available for helping with GNAV and other ATPL subjects also their is
ATPL Navigation
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Old 11th Dec 2019, 11:55
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I was supposed to sit Gnav in my first sitting but I couldn't get my head around the Earth/Sun/Time theory and the Grid Nav and Polar Stereographic so I delayed until my last sitting. When my last sitting came along 2 years later I still couldn't get my head around it.

So I sat the exam not having any clue how to do the above 3 topics and passed with a 91%. I know this sounds stupid but your aim should be just to pass Gnav score doesn't matter once it says 75%, thankfully on my exam I had no Polar Steregraph or Grid Nav but even if you do get some they will only be worth 5-8% on the exam so if you are proficient in the the rest of Gnav you will pass no doubt about that.

I was very good in the other parts of Gnav so I was confident I could get a pass so the moral of the story is don't get bogged down on a particular part if you don't understand it, I wasted so much time and stress on those topics and in the end they were a non factor
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