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whats the vector victor 19th Nov 2002 23:35

Costs of owning/operating PA28.
presuming I have the funds to buy a used PA28 on the U.K public transport register what are the ball park figures for its fixed costs?

1] scheduled maintenance/ checks.
2] Insurance.
3] Rough hangarage/parking costs. etc

I appreciate it is a 'how long is a piece of string' question but I would like to know rough figures so I can continue fantasising about starting a flying group.:rolleyes:

Cheers, W T V V .

QNH 1013 20th Nov 2002 00:04

In the Midlands, a rough guide (in reverse order) is:

3) Parking 1000 to 1500 at an airfield with hard runways or perhaps half this if grass.

2) 1500 to 2000 per annum

3) Look at your piece of string ! However, talking to a licensed engineer will give you some sort of idea.

If you look at pfa permit aircraft, then the figures drop significantly for group 3.

I'm treasurer of a long-established group of six people flying a 2-seat pfa taildragger hangared at a grass airfield in the midlands. The figures for our group are:

share price: 2500
monthly standing charge: 37
hourly charge: 6 per hour (take-off to landing) dry.

We buy our own avgas which adds about 18 per hour and leave the aircraft full for the next member to fly.

At a rough guess, a PA28 will cost you more.

adammcafee 20th Nov 2002 01:19

cherokee 180
been flying my cherokee 180 about 250 hrs a year for four years now. costs are down to about $20 us hr fuel (@8 gal/hr burn), $1200 us annual (inspection plus extra maint.), $80 us/month for outside tiedown, and maybe $500 us a year for misc. upgrades (this year I replaced the carpet, etc.). make currency adjustments as necessary, but keep in mind that for what it is you can't beat the operating costs...at least in the states.

Genghis the Engineer 20th Nov 2002 07:21

I'm in a well run (not by me) syndicate of 17 running a 28-161. The aircraft flies about 400 hrs PA.

We're paying 30/month, fixed costs. 5 of that is admin overheards, so that makes fixed costs about 425/month. About half of that will be hangerage.

We're paying 50hr variable costs. It averages a fuel burn of about 32 litres/hr which would be 30/hr in fuel, so about 20/hr in all other costs.

So, it looks to me like:-

2500 fixed costs
+ whatever deal you can get for hangerage.
+ Fuel at around 30/hr
+ other "hour dependent" costs at around 20/hr.

You'd have to talk to our syndicate accountant to get the fine detail, but I think that this pretty much sums it up.


whats the vector victor 20th Nov 2002 12:14

Thank you all very much, that information is very helpful.

regards W T V V

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