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Freefly170 31st Jul 2022 19:02

Changing G -Reg to EU-Reg
Hi Looking for some advice, Iím looking to buy an aircraft, however as Iím based in Spain Iím not finding many examples of what I want over here, however have seen some nice G reg examples. anyone had experience of how easy ( or I suspect difficult) it is to re register in Spain, France, Germany etc. Iím looking at EASA types ie not experimental , but typical types like Robin, Maule etc, also if itís previously been imported to UK from EU pre Brexit , I assume itís now subject to EU VAT ? Thanks for any help or advice.

Fl1ingfrog 1st Aug 2022 13:46

Changing the state of registration of an aircraft is, put simply, straightforward (sic). Purchasing a UK aircraft that has a history of previous EASA compliance shouldn't throw up any headaches. But ....... buyer beware. There will be a number of UK registered aircraft going back before EASA that have not been required to update: i.e. engine age which can become problematic when changing the state of registration. You will need to change the country of registration decals of course which can be expensive if this requires a paint job. The engineers you choose will charge you for a full required annual inspection plus any charges for rectivication. The Spanish authority will charge for registration and the issue of the Cof A and Radio Licence. Whatever the spanish require you will have no control.

On the other hand you have the whole of EASA land to shop in. Simply buy it and fly it home. All EASA certified engineers throughout the world can then maintain it and caryy out the annual certification paperwork required with the current aircraft country of registration which you will not have to change.

Freefly170 5th Aug 2022 15:30

Thanks Fl 1 ing frog appreciate the advice !

markkal 12th Aug 2022 12:32

We had a problem with an Extra aerobatic aircraft based in Italy, G registered.
Fl1ingfrog gave an extensive and accurate descriptions of the steps involved. And this includes a fresh annual done by an UK certified maintenance.
Make sure you do this maintenance before you fly away from the UK.
Without this you will not be able to de register the aircraft in UK, and once abroad you'll be stuck.
This is what happened to us, aircraft was already based in italy for 1 year and a half.

The issue of engine being more than 12 years old is not a problem, it is accepted for private use in most european countries, Though I understand that importing any aircraft in the UK with an engine past 12 years whatever the use is not possible.
Good luck in your endeavour, and expect a procedure lasting more than 6 months, up to a year..Spain has a slow bureaucracy maybe not as bad as Italy but still.

Klimax 21st Aug 2022 21:12

Originally Posted by Freefly170 (Post 11273492)
Thanks Fl 1 ing frog appreciate the advice !

Did you manage to find out about the EU VAT, post brexit? Cheers.

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