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Sam Rutherford 18th Jul 2022 14:23

Flight plans across dates/Z times... - caution, tricky!
So, Mack is about to fly from Chiang Mai (UTC+7) to Da Nang (also UTC+7). So far so good.

He's looking to leave tomorrow, 19 July, at 0600 local time.

I think that is an ETD of 2300Z, and a DOF of 220719.

Someone else is telling me that it should be ETD2300Z, but DOF 220718 (ie aligned with the Z time). Sort of.

Answers on a postcard...

GWYN 18th Jul 2022 21:54

Sam, is this a trick question? I thought that with all your knowledge and experience that we should be asking you.:). My own view, for what it's worth, is that all times being Z on a flight plan, the date should reflect that, so 220718. Just my view though!

UV 18th Jul 2022 23:26

For the same reason you do not put in a Delay message if it goes beyond midnight....only a Change message. i.e. change time and date.

I think your friend is correct.

Sam Rutherford 19th Jul 2022 08:52

Yup, it seems so! Thanks all!

rudestuff 19th Jul 2022 09:40

Zulu is Zulu... the flight goes on the 18th.

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