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pmthe2nd 14th Jul 2022 20:27

Robin DR400 canopy tinting
I have a Robin DR400 that I love to fly but in this weather is unbearable due to the heat. Itís a real greenhouse. I have considered getting the canopy partly tinted but have been told that normal car type tint canít be applied due to the curvature and the heat needed to shape it.
Anyone had similar experience? Any other ideas?
Would be great to make the most of the summer weather without frazzling.

Thanks in advance

Maoraigh1 15th Jul 2022 19:15

On a DR1050 the top had "felt-type-stuff" glued to the top, (inside), probably original from the CEA factory. CEA was Robin.

amc890 16th Jul 2022 02:08

Have a look at this. It may be of some help.

Maoraigh1 16th Jul 2022 19:35

Velcro patches on a Bolkow Junior, and sunshield attached when needed.
Looks to be motorshop item.

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