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finalapproach 12th Jul 2022 19:35

Post covid revalidation.
I haven't exercised the privileges of my PPL, ie I haven't flown, for two years now as I stopped at the start of the pandemic and am thinking I ought to get going again. Just renewed my Class 2 medical. I live mid way between Popham and Thruxton (Hampshire). These airfields, as far as I know, don't have flying schools as such - Popham has a micro light school for the C-12 Icarus.
So my question is: does anyone know of any instructors/examiners at either of these airfields, with access to a Group A aircraft, who would be prepared to give me some refresher training and revalidate me, or anyone in this area. I could go to Lee on Solent but I was hoping to do it a bit nearer to home.
Anyway, any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

360BakTrak 12th Jul 2022 20:21

You could always try Blackbushe; only 20 mins up the M3 from Popham.

finalapproach 13th Jul 2022 16:29

Originally Posted by 360BakTrak (Post 11260486)
You could always try Blackbushe; only 20 mins up the M3 from Popham.

Thanks, good call. Booked a session for next Tuesday. Hopefully a 2 year lay off won't have caused too much rust.

Whopity 15th Jul 2022 23:44

Irv Lee at Popham

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