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DocMartin236 14th Jul 2021 13:05

A EASA Flight School to continue training.
Hello Readers,
I've been searching online for a suitable European Flight School to CONTINUE my PPL(A) Training not start from scratch. I have been training at my local club for a couple of years which got me as far as navigation phase, but due to the weather which it is making it impossible to fly cross-country because of low cloud base, precipitation and winds.
Would anyone know any suggestions and opinions about Flight School in Europe than allows continuing training?
If anyone has questions about my side of the story please ask.

Genghis the Engineer 14th Jul 2021 21:11

I'd try speaking to Steve Copeland at Fly-In-Spain/Wingglider in Jerez. He did a good job of sorting me out with an FAA IR to EASA IR conversion a while ago, and strikes me as very pragmatic and flexible.


Whopity 19th Jul 2021 18:23

Roger Sprague at https://aeroclubdulimousin.wixsite.c...ub-du-limousin

Jan Olieslagers 19th Jul 2021 18:39

You could look around in the former socialist countries - Poland, Czechia, Hungary, and others more - there must be good deals available especially for a short intensive training because of the low cost of living and accommodation - but language is a serious issue. There are some setups, ISTR even one in Lithuania, but they mostly aim at ATPL training. More money to be made there, you know.

Mind you, weather can be a serious issue over there, too. I remember one field in Hungary where training was mostly limited to sunrise and sunset - during daytime the winds were usually too strong.

Fl1ingfrog 19th Jul 2021 21:16

Weather is frustrating for any training pilot almost everywhere in the world. If you have been happy with your training so far then stick with it, is my view. Changing to another school in a different country which may have different rules and customs may be unwise, you could be jumping out of the pot into the fire.

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