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deefer dog 5th Apr 2021 12:18

Importing aircraft from EU
A little guidance please: I have a Cessna 172 I would like to import to UK. It's in Germany on D reg and I would like to place it on the G reg. I assume I will have to pay VAT on the import, but my question relates more to getting the UK CofA?

Is it simply a case of getting an Export CofA from Germany, having the aircraft inspected by an engineer here in UK and then paying the CAA for the CofA and CofR....or is there more to it than that?

Thanks in advance

Fl1ingfrog 5th Apr 2021 23:05

The engine, of course, will be the first issue. It must be within the manufacturers recommended TBO: not only the hours but also normally less than twelve years since new (which means since manufacture not when first put into service) or the last major overhaul if applicable. All AD's must have been completed and the associated paperwork in order, so no missing logbooks or releases to service.

Any mods done whilst under EASA should not cause any problems but any done prior to EASA could still be problematic. Comprehensive paperwork for the changes will be necessary.

Registration is straight forward but the C of A application requires careful attention, so start with a CAMO before changing over.

deefer dog 7th Apr 2021 19:13

Thank you for your reply Fl1ing Frog.

I am aware of GR 24, thanks, but did not know that an engine "on condition" could not be imported. Is that what you are saying? All AD's yes, expected, and yes Export CofA can be obtained easily from the Germans.

I was rather hoping to receive information about after arriving in the UK and registered here regarding who can present the aircraft to the CAA for survey (if indeed required), and whether this can simply be an A+C licensed engineer, and what level of inspection (ie annual) needs to be carried ou. Accept that all Form 1's for engine OH, prop, and parts installed will be required. What about work packs for inspections carried out in Germany, and translations??

Thanks again Frog for your response. More welcomed from licensed engineers please if poss.

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