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Riccardo Piana 29th Mar 2021 16:29

Covid 19 IR renewal in EU
I renewd my IRMEP last time in may 2019 and was supposed to renew it again in 2020.
The school had to close but I was confident that by 2021 everything was going to be back to normal.

Now I'm afraid I won't be able to renewal and by may this year 2 years would be gone since last renewal.
Anyone knows about some expception applicable due tio COVID19?

Jhieminga 30th Mar 2021 10:25

There were and are several exceptions that allowed the validity period of a current rating to be extended by several months, but as your rating has already lapsed, I suspect that the only way to get it back will be to go to an ATO, have them assess you for needed training and then do a prof check.

Genghis the Engineer 30th Mar 2021 16:11

I passed my IR FAA to EASA conversion with Fly In Spain at Jerez in October, they seem to have the procedures in place for covid security - or did then, they have C172s and a DA42, which covers the two major food groups.


S-Works 31st Mar 2021 06:35

I would be happy to arrange to renew it here in Spain for you. We are fully open and as Ghenghis mentions we have both Seneca and DA42 available. Drop me a PM.

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