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Alessandro Lai 19th Feb 2021 13:31

PPL Pratical Exam in the UK
Good Afternoon All,
I Hope you`re all doing well.

I got a quick question...

I`m a Cabin crew for EasyJet and from April / May I will be tranfer from Germany to London.
I have already stated my PPL training in Germany, I already took the Theory exam and I`ve done about 40H.

Is possible to continue my training in the Uk without taking once again the Theory exam and of course keeping the Hours that I have already done in Germany?

Thank you very much for your time and help,
Wish you all a great weekend!!

Whopity 21st Feb 2021 13:17

Now that the UK is a Third Country any training that you do here will not count towards an EASA licence unless you can find an ATO that has an EASA approval.

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