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airpolice 4th Feb 2021 12:25

Tracey is back in (her own) spotlight!
I am not trying to start another big thread about her, but I felt that some of you would want to know that Tracey Curtis Taylor is proposing to answer questions, online this Saturday.

At least she can have a platform to answer our questions, and explain away all the claims that she was faking it. Perhaps I am reading too much into her Facebook posts being removed, but maybe she has seen the light, and decided that she no longer wants to pretend that she's a Commander in the RNR. Could this be the start of her coming clean? Find out on Saturday.


This is a great opportunity for anyone who still has questions to ask.

S-Works 4th Feb 2021 15:34

I have absolutely no interest whatsoever. Who is she even?

J.A.F.O. 4th Feb 2021 15:41

Let it go, mate.

biscuit74 4th Feb 2021 16:14

What is the story behind the picture of what seems to be a Stearman head to head with some damaged light or microlight aircraft, please?
Amazed the Stearman prop seems undamaged at first glance

Forfoxake 4th Feb 2021 16:36

Originally Posted by J.A.F.O. (Post 10983474)
Let it go, mate.

I do agree!

Saab Dastard 4th Feb 2021 17:43

Answers to these questions and more (much more, or far too much more, depending on your viewpoint) can be found in this thread: https://www.pprune.org/private-flyin...d-threads.html

This is ancient history as far as PPRuNe is concerned, so this particular topic is considered closed.

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