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Baggy95 23rd Nov 2020 10:43

SkyEcho 2
Does anyone have any feedback or criticism of the SE2? Interested to hear peoples opinions.

I am quite interested in purchasing one, especially with the current CAA rebate. I operate in SE England which is very busy in regards to GA and airspace. All of our aircraft have Mode-S Transponders and we often transit controlled airspace, does having the SE2 conflict with the transponder, especially when asked to squawk a certain code?
I believe ATC can see the SkyEcho, so will the aircraft therefore appear twice (with active transponder) or does it work slightly differently to that.

My ipad also doesn't have a gps so I have been using a Garmin GLO 2 for gps capability on SkyDemon. Does anyone know if I can use the SE2 for GPS on the ipad (meaning I won't need both the Garmin and SE2)
Thanks in advance.

Forfoxake 23rd Nov 2020 12:44

Just got SE2 recently and have tried it a few times in my mainly steel tube and fabric aeroplane.

Initial tests have indicated that it's ADS-B out transmissions are not picked by OGN-R ground stations as well as those of either Pilot Aware or PowerFLARM but still experimenting with placement in the cockpit. Nevertheless, I think it would be better if it had an external antenna connection (to connect an antenna external to the set, not necessarily to the aeroplane).

In any event, the ADS-B out might be being picked up fine by other aircraft in the air!

I will leave others more expert to answer you other queries in detail but a few brief points:

Presumably your transponder does not have extended squitter, otherwise you could achieve ADS-B out in another way. In any event, SE2 has ADS-B in too which can be displayed on Skydemon etc.

I understand that ADS-B out transmissions cannot be picked up by all UK ATC units and, in any event, only certain SIL levels can be used by ATC.

SE2 does not transmit a squawk code- that it still the job of the transponder- although SE2 can/should be programmed with the aircraft's unique ICAO address (found on the G-INFO page for your aircraft).

You can now use a transponder and SE2 at the same time. However, the manual states:

5.1.1 United Kingdom
EC Devices do not replace the need for a transponder when required by airspace/flight rules. Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) Y 141/2019 allows for the use of EC devices simultaneously with ATCRBS or Mode S transponders which are not Extended Squitter (ES) or ADS-B OUT enabled. If your aircraft is ADS-B OUT enabled, you must disable the transmit function of SkyEcho from the configuration settings.

Cole Burner 23rd Nov 2020 14:02

Electronic Conspicuity
As above plus:

SE2 connects to the ipad by wifi and has its own built in GPS. That's all you need. I have heard stories of the connection 'dropping out' briefly before reconnecting but not experienced that myself except occasionally losing the gps signal during aeros but it quickly reconnects itself.

SE2 enables the display on your ipad, of traffic which is transmitting ADSB-out . It will also show traffic transmitting Flarm on SkyDemon if you subscribe (30/year?). It will not display traffic which is not transmitting ADSB-out (or Flarm), for example aircraft that only have PilotAware, or only have an old mode A/C transponder, so it's only a guide - the final defence is good lookout.

As stated above, if your mode S transponder is capable it will transmit ADSB-out and the SE2 transmit should be disabled. If your transponder does not transmit ADSB-out, then enable the SE2 transmit to make yourself visible to other receivers. ATC do not (I am told) see SE2 transmissions (with the odd exception - eg Aberdeen?).

Any carry on device is subject to screening - lots of metal, for example the engine, (or people) in the way can significantly degrade performance. Positioning is important.

IMHO all GA aircraft and gliders should carry some form of electronic conspicuity to help me see and avoid them. My aircraft has both SE2 and PilotAware. Even at full price they are a cheap safety enhancement - with the CAA rebate it's a no brainer! Go for it - but keep your eyes peeled as well!

Bosi72 26th Nov 2020 09:39

I use it in c172a on Samsung Note 9 + Avplan Efb (there is Ios version too)..

It is another tool in the box; not 100% reliable, e.g start transmitting above 500ft and when speed is above your Vso.

I've seen aircrafts disappearing from the screen and other anomalies eg. duplicates. Light blue icons are traffic from the Internet (via ground stations) and green icons are traffic from Skyecho2 directly.

Technology helps, but it's not a bullet proof..

VFR is VFR. Full stop.

ps: Can't upload photos, need 10 posts

LowNSlow 24th Mar 2021 19:08

I've just tried out my new SkyEcho 2 and got awful interference which seemed to be synchronised to the ADS-B light flashes. It was so bad I had to turn the unit off.

Any advice on how to sort this out?

Bosi72 24th Mar 2021 20:07

Originally Posted by LowNSlow (Post 11015618)
I've just tried out my new SkyEcho 2 and got awful interference which seemed to be synchronised to the ADS-B light flashes. It was so bad I had to turn the unit off.

Any advice on how to sort this out?

I have the same when flying in Club's Decathlon. Two options: Install RFI ferrite chokes around radio and intercom wirings (behind the panel). Position SE2 further away both from radio and intercom.
You may try also ferrites around headset cables.
RFI usually requires investigation and trials.
​​​​​​​Good luck!

LowNSlow 24th Mar 2021 20:41

Bosi72, sounds like a visit to the magic radio hanger then.....

Just remembered I have some ferrite cores hiding in the garage, I'll try them first, ta for the advice.

LowNSlow 26th Mar 2021 11:29

Put a ferrite choke around the headset cables just before the socket and it didn't seem to make much difference but moving the SkyEcho to the back of the sliding canopy instead of at the top of the windscreen arch worked a treat!

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