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Force5 2nd Nov 2020 15:15

Relocating to Portugal
My wife and I are both Dutch Citizens living in St Maarten. We own an N Registered Piper Turbo Arrow, and are both FAA licensed.
We fly the plane extensively around the Caribbean and the USA.

We are considering relocating to Portugal, specifically in the area of Cascais/Estoril - and toying with the idea of relocating the plane too. We would keep it on the N register.
Anybody on this forum from Portugal who I could talk to - many questions to ask

Jan Olieslagers 2nd Nov 2020 17:49

There used to be an English pilot round here, who migrated to Northern Portugal and keep flying there. Been a while though, since we heard from him.

That said, I am not sure I would recommend Southern Portugal as a place to live - tourist-infested in summer (at least outside corona times :( ), dead in winter. Myself consider migrating to Portugal after retirement (and take my little bird with me, too), but wish to be more central, perhaps near Coimbra or even Porto.

Groetsels! :)

Force5 2nd Nov 2020 18:26

Thanks Jan - would be good to hear from those in Portugal who are active in the GA scene.

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