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Sam Rutherford 15th Apr 2019 01:32

Choosing colour of prop
I've been offered a choice of colours for the prop on our little taildragger microlight - and was wondering if there was any inflight advantage to a particular colour? For example, is black 'invisible' on video/photos, or white, or is it spinning so quickly it makes no difference...? Any other aspects/advantages?

White, Red, Black, Yellow or Gray

B2N2 15th Apr 2019 01:55

Even a white prop is usually black on the pilots side so it wouldn’t matter much.
I have a preference for a white prop, just looks smarter unless it’s a camo Piper cub, then black.

Dan Winterland 15th Apr 2019 03:47

The nicest painted prop I had on any of my aircraft was varnished wood.

Pilot DAR 15th Apr 2019 10:50

I imagine that the composite props are offered primarily in white so that they are the least affected by radiant heat, though one of the MT's we bought was a beautiful grey with yellow tips. The MT I have is white from the factory, not my first choice, but okay. I less favour the angled red tips and stripes, the angle defeats the purpose to make a sharp distinction of blade to tip during rotation. Other than considerations of longevity related to absorbing heat from sunlight, and black faces to reduce glare to the pilot, I doubt that the colour matters much, other than it would be wise to have some contrast between the blades and the cowling to reduce the risk of someone not noticing the blade, and hitting it while moving around the parked aircraft.

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