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ramster211 28th Feb 2019 18:18

The ol' 90 days Currency regulation for EASA PPL
Hi there,

So i have not flown in 7 months since i have been hittig the ATPL books hard.

I am about to start my tailwheel endorsment and i was woundering if i do 3 landings with an instructor if that will satisfy the 90 day rule despite not having my tailwheel endorsment yet?
I could not really find much info on this. It is a bit confusing sice a taildragger is still a single engine piston.
My SEP rating is still valid for some time.

I understand that it is not ideal to be rusty and go straight to taildraggers but due to circumstances it had to be this way.

Luc Lion 1st Mar 2019 11:47

Regulations say:

Originally Posted by Part-FCL
FCL.060 Recent experience
(b) Aeroplanes, helicopters, powered-lift, airships and sailplanes. A pilot shall not operate an aircraft in commercial air transport or carrying passengers:(1)
as PIC or co-pilot unless he/she has carried out, in the preceding 90 days, at least 3 take-offs, approaches and landings in an aircraft of the same type or class or an FFS representing that type or class. The 3 take-offs and landings shall be performed in either multi-pilot or single-pilot operations, depending on the privileges held by the pilot; and

(my bold face emphasising)
"of the same type or class" : check

No requirement on the role under which the landings are "carried out".
However, common sense leads to consider that "carry out" means "handling the controls".

The AMC doesn't bring more information.

ramster211 2nd Mar 2019 20:57

Thank you! That was very helpfull :)

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