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old,not bold 11th Jan 2019 15:07

ROTAX Emergency MPD
A UK CAA Emergency MPD landed in my inbox today.......I was intrigued by the word "possibly" in the sentence;

This condition, if not corrected, could lead to in-flight shut down, possibly resulting in a forced landing
Are there any aircraft flying with twin ROTAX engines?

Shoestring Flyer 11th Jan 2019 15:22

The Tecnam P2006T has twin Rotax engines, unsure of any others though.

piperboy84 11th Jan 2019 16:08


Jan Olieslagers 11th Jan 2019 17:02

There are a few in the ex-"Eastern Block" countries, too, but I don't think many were built. One Boris Chernov created basically one and the same amphibian with a multitude of engine configurations, single or twin, mostly Rotax. For one example: Korvet And there's a twin by Aeroprakt of Kiev, Ukraine: A36 Vulcan

Jan Olieslagers 12th Jan 2019 09:16

And regarding the "emergency": apparently one valve broke, that is of course serious but it might be sheer bad luck. Moreover, the affected types are the 915iS and the 914, not the most common types of Rotax - and even limited serial numbers. 99,99% of pilots/owners can disregard this story.

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