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Troyboy73 7th Jan 2019 05:03

Share in a Plane
I am looking for a share in a plane ideally Durham Tees Valley or somewhere else in the North East. What are the best websites for finding such offers. I have looked on UKGA but was wondering if anyone knows of other site or places to find the info.

Genghis the Engineer 7th Jan 2019 11:26

www.afors.com is my favourite for window shopping.

Also there's a shares page on the Flyer forums.


CloudHound 7th Jan 2019 19:32

Can you get to the airport?

Flying club notice boards often have shares for sale looking for local responses not national. Worth a wander round and maybe chat to people.

Nurse2Pilot 7th Jan 2019 21:35

Is there a flying club in EGNV?

Maoraigh1 7th Jan 2019 22:16

Often shares will not be advertised on national sites and magazines. Especially in more remote areas. The person buying the share will live locally, so airfield noticeboards, local LAA Strut and Flying Club newsletters, and word-of-mouth are best.
Sometimes there are people not advertising, but known to be thinking about it.

Flyingmac 8th Jan 2019 07:42

Teesside had a 172 share for sale advertised recently. G-AVVC.- Fishburn would be worth a visit to ask about.- Bagby has a non-equity group flying PA-28 and 172. Also a group flying a C42.

Troyboy73 9th Jan 2019 01:30

Cheers for all the feedback. Will have a visit to Fishburn and Bagby

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