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CharlieDeltaUK 19th Apr 2018 13:24

Foreflight coming to Europe
Just seen this: https://www.foreflight.com/europe/

US pilots seem to like it, but SkyDemon is well established here. I know competition is good, but it's not as if the SkyDemon are sitting idle, and I wonder if the market is big enough to allow another player.

Bob Upanddown 19th Apr 2018 14:03

I think Foreflight is more integrated with Garmin and other avionics than Skydemon. Skydemon is really good but maybe Foreflight will appeal to the people with GTN750s.

Dave Gittins 19th Apr 2018 14:12

I fly both sides of the pond so have them both. They are both brilliant apps so whether I’d ever go to FF only and ditch SD is to be found when they can be directly compared.

FF is far more geared to the IFR world than SD and I think gives more for your money. But SD is superb for VFR in the UK & Europe.

It'll be interesting to see what mapping FF uses for the UK and Europe because one of its major bonus's in the USA is that it uses the standard FAA US Sectionals

ahwalk01 20th Apr 2018 09:56

Foreflight is all well and good but subscription based, so you have to be flying often enough to make it worth it

I haven't tried Skydemon but keen to have a good basic app this side of the pond.


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