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RedBullGaveMeWings 6th Mar 2017 16:28

iPad Mini 2 kneeboard?
Any good kneeboard for an iPad Mini 2 that would allow me also to write on paper?

blueandwhite 6th Mar 2017 18:00

Any knee pad that suits you with some vercro to hold the ipad on works a treat without stupid prices being involved.

Crash one 7th Mar 2017 00:43

Transair "Pilot" has a clipboard lid, two pen holder elastic rings. Leather as far as I can tell.
I've had this one since --13 Sywell. Not a mark on it. And use it all the time, like right now.

avionimc 7th Mar 2017 16:45

iPad kneeboards for pilots, Galaxy kneeboard, tablet aviation accessories
Adjustable strap only, works great for me:ok:

LowNSlow 8th Mar 2017 13:15

The Pooleys' one works well for me.

Tango Bar 1st Jun 2021 05:32

Myclip changed the design last year, new ones look like garbage- big goofy loopy bits that stick out and interfere with use of a portion of the screen unless you have huge bezels. Apparently they decided they needed to accommodate huge hulking cases, ergonomics be damned.

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