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hatton 15th Aug 2016 16:42

Is there much activity at Tollerton these days?

ETOPS 15th Aug 2016 16:46

Hey hatton

Location: Derby :hmm:

25 minute drive to find out :p

Flyingmac 15th Aug 2016 16:48

Café now a Creche?

fireflybob 15th Aug 2016 17:15

I presume you mean Nottingham (City) "Airport" - EGBN?

Yes lots!

Free landing if you uplift minimum 50 litres Avgas or 200 litres Jet A1.

Flyingmac, I agree!

cambioso 15th Aug 2016 20:17

Flying mac........Me too what a bloody racket from unruly, unsupervised kids!

Crusher1 11th Oct 2016 16:48

It's still quite active but I fear for it's future, there's a new hospital nearing completion on site and industrial units are being built at a rare pace on both sides of the approach road. Apparently there is no longer a maintenance facilty available either.

Agree about the cafe - a pity as it serves decent food - I sat outside in the far corner away from the kids!

ericferret 12th Oct 2016 12:52

There's nothing wrong with other peoples kids, but to be fair I couldn't eat a whole one.

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