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SierraVictor 14th Jun 2016 13:01

How did you prepare your PPL(EASA) exams?
Hi guys,

I was wondering how do you prepare your exams for the PPL(EASA), I have finished the theory block and I am basically doing tests for the question bank and it is going alright so far but I am not sure if it will be enough. Any advise would be appreciate it. Thanks

squidie 14th Jun 2016 13:59

AME Books and lots of ground school.

Parson 14th Jun 2016 14:29

Depends where you are learning. You might be lucky to be at a club where they have ground school sessions organised.

I didn't so just spent time with the Thom books and the tests therein.

Brad2523 14th Jun 2016 15:10

I recently passed all the PPL multiple choice exams (9 total) - I'm assuming this is what you are referring to?

I just read the pooleys books and my club had some past exam papers. When scoring over 85/90% they let us do the real thing - many were very close to the old test papers...

No need for ground school, just swat up, relax and do some past papers first so you know what to expect :ok:

glum 15th Jun 2016 13:11

As Brad said, plus I used an app so I could swat up and do practice exams whenever I had a spare 5 minutes. Often in the smallest room...

kghjfg 17th Jun 2016 09:31

AFE book study myself first, my FI does ground school instead of flying if you want (he's being paid either way) so I then follow my self study with an hour or two ground school where he asks questions and explains stuff that "in theory" I know, but turns out, I don't always.

Then take the exam.

No fails yet, but one near miss ! IMHO, They don't have to 100%, they have to be passes.

I got a question wrong on one which led to a debate with the examiner. Can the component of thrust that causes you to gain altitude be called lift ?

Anyway, if you're FI offers ground school, I'd say use it.If he doesn't, ask him to. 1 hour ground school, 1 to 1, at 30 an hour (same as he charges for his time in the air) is worth a lot more than the 30 it costs.

Preedy 17th Jun 2016 18:49

I passed the first three a couple of weeks ago. Air law, HPL and procedural ops. Only used the Pooleys books,read them over twice on my commute then got the Mrs to test me, she's a teacher so really enjoyed pointing out where I was going wrong! (In air law and in life!) There is a London based ground school run by aopa twice a week in the evenings if you're that way , I struggled getting hold of the chap though and self study seemed to work fine for me so giving that a go first off for the principles of flight and the general knowledge round .

My day job is legal and I found you have to suspend that part of your brain for the exams a bit. There's a couple of Qs where interpreting things too carefully might lead to the wrong answer.. there are flaws, but not so many that will jeopardise your result if you know your stuff.

Anyway, old hat to most on here I'm sure. Good luck!

supportflightcom 19th Jun 2016 22:27

If you have learned enough from books, just practice from questions bank.
I have passed all 9 exams in one day, so it is not so difficult.
When it is enough to study? I can't say you, it depends on you and your ways to learn.

AutoP1lot 20th Jun 2016 14:34


Some of the exams I have done (more to go through), I normally read chapter by chapter (making notes) then do the the relevant assessment questions for that topic, usually at the end of the chapter, once the book was completed I test myself using an APP available.

I like interactive learning, so I bought a couple of CBT's too, and I can always book 1-2-1 (free of charge) instructor sessions to go over any topics that required further attention.


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