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piperboy84 12th Jun 2016 21:22

Does size matter ?
Was flying along with the girlfriend recently and felt it was an opportune time to broach the subject of "does size really matter?" She gingerly asked me in what context my question was being made. I explained that I had just changed out the 26" Alaskan bush wheels for 26"Goodyear's, unfortunately although advertised as 26" the goodyears actually stand 23" a good 3 inches shorter. She said that in spite of 3" being a rather significant shortfall it depended on how things were handled. For example she said the other night it was a full warm up, smooth handling, I kept my sped up on final, hit the right spot and both mains touched down together and due to this she never noticed the size deficit.

I was heartened to hear her thoughts and receive validation as to the performance but felt she may just be being kind to soothe any sense of inadequacies. I want a second opinion just to be sure and felt that over the years I have become close to my fellow ppruners and consider you almost like family and have on other occasions "opened my kimono" so to speak on matters that have cropped up where I needed advice, granted previous queries were not of such a personal nature. So without further ado please take a look at the picture linked below and tell me if you feel the size difference does matter. I'd ask that the responses be honest but kind as I'm a tad sensitive and needy right now.

Warning: the pic shows partially stripped with full frontal exposure, Goodyear on the left, Alaskan on the right.



Flyingmac 12th Jun 2016 21:31

Anything suited to the Bush will be adequate. As long as it's not too dense.

ShyTorque 12th Jun 2016 22:36

To avoid a nasty accident, use an inner tube when exploring the bush.

Crash one 12th Jun 2016 22:39

Th smooth one on the left, of picture, would slide through long grass easier I would think.

PDR1 12th Jun 2016 23:09

I always thought size wasn't important - but then all my wallpaper fell off.


TowerDog 12th Jun 2016 23:41

Keep the tail low, slow down on short final for perfect three-pointer and nobody will miss the 3" you are short.:ooh:

Cazalet33 13th Jun 2016 00:08

The left one hangs lower than the right one.

T'was ever thus.

27/09 13th Jun 2016 02:45

I'd go with the Goodyear's. I assume it's a three inch diameter difference, so in reality only one and a half inches less prop clearance.

The Alaskans look too bulky and disproportionate and must create more drag.

Unless you absolutely need the extra clearance I'm sure your girlfriend would appreciate the door sill being a tad lower making entry and egress easier.

Now to something just as important, what's the prop, or is this not the aircraft getting a new prop?

onetrack 13th Jun 2016 04:11

Nobody's mentioned the necessary strength in the rubber, yet? :)

DirtyProp 13th Jun 2016 09:38

What a disappoinment.
Where's the scantily clad lady holding a wrench?

ETOPS 13th Jun 2016 10:58

I always thought size wasn't important - but then all my wallpaper fell off.
Thanks for that PDR1 - that's hot tea all over my desk :=

27/09 13th Jun 2016 11:06

What a disappoinment.
Where's the scantily clad lady holding a wrench?
Didn't you bother to turn the photo over? She was on the other side! :p

glum 13th Jun 2016 12:49

I'm still struggling to put it down on the first half of the runway, so I've some way to go before I'm 3" perfect it seems!

PDR1 13th Jun 2016 13:08

Originally Posted by ETOPS (Post 9407216)
Thanks for that PDR1 - that's hot tea all over my desk :=

Can't claim originality - that was the Humphrey Littleton Memorial Joke, brought to you by fans of Samantha while she helps the old archivists clean the records (she's well known for the way she expertly rubs-up a 7-incher).


MaxR 13th Jun 2016 20:43

It's important to consider what equipment you have - these things often aren't important at all.

I once knew someone who had a lovely Beaver with very effective flaps and, if you were going down somewhere wet, it was ideal as it didn't have tyres at all, it had floats.


If you don't like it so wet and you're planning something a little firmer then the most important factor is whether the strip is neatly trimmed or not.

PDR1 13th Jun 2016 22:56

Well of course. Everyone knows that once you get a wet beaver up on the step it's essential to ensure it's properly trimmed before adding more thrust.


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