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Mike Flynn 30th May 2016 12:14

In answer to your question...Yes:ok:

megan 31st May 2016 07:33

To state that something is unimpressive whilst sitting on the sidelines looking in and without having attempted anything similar oneself seems neither valid nor particularly mature to me
So what do you find impressive about it MaxR? I find it unimpressive because of the very fact I do know what is involved. I was very closely associated, not as a participating crew member, with a successful 1971 round the world speed record attempt, and also the 1969 London - Sydney air race (Bonanza A36). Same pilot in both cases, with different second crew member.

SilsoeSid 31st May 2016 20:29

I think that TCT is a liar, a fraud and a cheat. Freedom of speech allows me to have, and repeat that opinion. Whether I am right or wrong, is not relevant, in terms of how she is perceived by others. That's my opinion, and that makes it right, even if not correct.
You can have any opinion you like, however when you start to broadcast that opinion, freedom of speech does not excempt you from slander, or in this case libel.

Whether you are right or wrong will indeed be relevant, should the other party decide to take action against you.

J.A.F.O. 31st May 2016 21:08

Jay - Why's this all so important to you? Is it really such a big deal?

Mike Flynn 31st May 2016 21:22

JAFO...to answer your question......

I will tell you why in two words.

The Truth.

If you don't want to read about it go elsewhere.

Over 22,000 views and 178 posts here on pprune suggest there is interest in this.

If this had been a man trying to pull off a similar Walter Mitty stunt would we be so forgiving?

Could a couple of guys from the UK get sponsorship from the British Council to empower men in in India via their fly in and fly our appearances and staying in high end hotels?

How do a few stand ups for the press and pictures of a selection of well connected women in the Middle East or India "empower or inspire" local women?

Surely Dave Sykes achieved more in his microlight genuine single paraplegic flight from the UK to Australia than this charade?

Please check out his website and how he ended up in a wheelchair.
The Pilot

Someone else can do the sums but I reckon the Spirit of Artemis cost north of 500k and the rest to do the trip.

For those of you who do not like this discussion then I suggest you go elsewhere.

The one person we all want to hear from is Tracey:ok:

I don't think she will be along here anytime soon with copies of her log book and flightplans.

Genghis the Engineer 31st May 2016 21:51

The one person we all want to hear from is Tracey
I would be equally content to hear from Ewald - if this whole subterfuge is as we believe, he's every bit as culpable as she is - it's just his profit is money rather than glory presumably.


Mike Flynn 31st May 2016 21:58

If you do not know who she is or have any constructive comment to add please go elsewhere.

Jetblu 31st May 2016 23:06


Your statement is very twentieth Century to scare people off or shut them up. Today, in the twenty first Century people are much wiser what they say. It's true to say that on the evidence presented, airpolice is quite safe and, I concur with his findings.

That said, I would have thought that 'if' any legal action was to come about, it would be by way of an injunction to shut people up and let the music play on.


"Is it really such a big deal?"

Well, if we are slowly getting conditioned by everyday politics on TV with the blatant lies and deceit, and accept that is ok, then I guess not.

On that basis, I then guess that many Crown Courts will soon be disbanded at the same rate as public lavatories, when it's decided by the converted that they are no longer a public requirement.

I am still totally bewildered and gob smacked that a hedge fund investment company [regulated by the FSA] is part of all this, with their name clearly visible on the fuselage.

pulse1 1st Jun 2016 12:44

In this instance it is unclear whether anyone has been individually disadvantaged by any alleged economy with the truth
It looks probable that Amanda Richardson's genuine attempt to replicate Amy Johnson's solo flight to Australia was seriously disadvantaged. It must have made it much more difficult to find sponsors for a flight which, in the eyes of the PR fed media, was already successfully under way. The point that the only comparable bits of TCT's flight to that of Amy Johnson was the route and the fact that she was a woman has been entirely missed by the media.

Perhaps, once TCT's flight has been trashed by the same media, Amanda will be able to sell her attempt as a GENUINE, unsupported SOLO flight in an aeroplane that as is close to the original that makes no difference.

fwjc 1st Jun 2016 19:44

... and moreover one of the Shuttleworth Collection display pilots
Just to make it absolutely clear that in order to be considered a Shuttleworth Collection Pilot, you have to have flown a Collection aeroplane, in an airshow. If anyone can find a picture of Tracey flying in any of the Collection aeroplanes, they'll be expert photoshoppers. Tracey is no more a Collection Pilot than the wonderful Peter Teichmann or the energetic Mark Jeffries; all are visiting display pilots who put on displays in non-Collection aeroplanes.

Mike Flynn 1st Jun 2016 21:47

No axe to grind just flagging up the truth in the hope more genuine candidates can really "emulate Amy Johnson" to quote Tracey.

With a bit of luck and some decent sponsorship maybe Amanda Harrision can really do the job in around 21 days. (No I do not know her or have ever met her)

Now back to some more facts. If you were faced with a sea crossing from East Timor to Darwin over a distance of 390 nm would you carry as a front seat passenger;

A) Another fuel tank and maybe a raft?

B) A tv producer or researcher to let them enjoy the trip?

C) The owner of the aircraft who rebuilt it,is an engineer and also a multi thousand hour flight instructor?

I would choose answer A.

However look at this video and who do you think is in the front seat?


India Four Two 1st Jun 2016 21:54


I'm sufficiently happy with my skills, that A would definitely be my choice!

Mike Flynn 1st Jun 2016 22:29

Same here India Four Two.

The ABC in Australia have egg on their face.

Darwin reporter James Dunlevie filed this story when she had just landed in Darwin not noticing there were two people in the aircraft.
Adventurer Tracey Curtis-Taylor's England-to-Australia flight a homage to aviation pioneer Amy Johnson - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

He admitted to me in a phone call yesterday they missed Ewald Gritsch sitting up front

And his colleague in Sydney Stephanie Dalzell also failed to notice two people on board the 'solo' flight when it landed to a grand reception at Sydney.

A British aviator has touched down in Sydney after a marathon 27,000-kilometre journey from the United Kingdom to Australia.

Beginning on October 1 in England, Tracey Curtis-Taylor, 53, single-handedly piloted the 1942 Boeing Stearman biplane across 23 countries over the course of three months.

She flew across the Mediterranean Sea to Jordan, over the Arabian Desert, across the Gulf of Oman to Pakistan, through India and on to Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia before crossing the Timor Sea and landing in Darwin on January 1.

When she arrived at her final destination on Saturday, she said she was overcome with euphoria.

"I just was so relieved to land, to come to quite complicated airspace into the international airport, I was terrified I'd bring the whole thing to a standstill," she said.
Stephanie emailed me this reply when challenged over her report.

I wrote she "single handedly" flew the plane in my story. She had a documentary crew with her. So yes, she wasn't solo, but she did fly the plane herself, and said her flight was modeled on Amy Johnson's, who as you would know, did fly solo (the only reference to the word "solo" in my piece. So I think my story is accurate.
Single handedly? How did she know that when she failed to see a guy in the front seat?

How hard is it for some one to ask "who is he".

Just waiting for the ABC to get back to me.

megan 2nd Jun 2016 03:27

If you were faced with a sea crossing from East Timor to Darwin over a distance of 390 nm would you carry as a front seat passenger;
I did see a map of her flight, though can't find it now, which showed she made landfall and landed at an airport to the west of Darwin, thence made the flight to Darwin. On the map here she suggests Kununurra, and note Darwin doesn't get a mention. What is there to believe?

Tracey Curtis Taylor - Aviatrix, Adventurer, Inspirational Speaker

Checklist Charlie 2nd Jun 2016 04:41

Dili - Kununurra is 471 nm, just a tad further than the 390nm Dili - DN.
I don't believe Kunners is a designated first port of entry for Customs, Immigration and Quarantine purposes either.
Methinks the pretty map is for the consumption of the masses rather than a realistic operational representation of the actual route being followed.


megan 2nd Jun 2016 05:33

Seems she landed in Darwin, then went to Kunners.

Parson 2nd Jun 2016 09:56

Be interesting to see how Vorderman gets on. Is Red 8 still going with her?

B Fraser 2nd Jun 2016 09:56

Technically, I have been taught aerobatics by a former RAF display pilot in a warbird.

Ok it was a lovely old Chipmunk but that type has been used on spy flights to take photos of Soviet army exercises. Does that count ? I don't know of any instances where a Harvard has ever been in harms way but others will be able to comment. For the record, I was solo in my cockpit, he was solo in his. (I was marked as "above average" in my training records but my good friend was probably being extremely generous.)

piperboy84 2nd Jun 2016 10:09

Alright she's a bullshitter, but flying the 90 MPH Steaman across 400 miles of open sea is pretty ballsy and the landing wasn't bad either.

Genghis the Engineer 2nd Jun 2016 10:24

I don't think that anybody suggesting that what she did was trivial - it's being strongly proposed that what she did was significantly less impressive than she is claiming.


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