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piperboy84 19th Jun 2016 18:09

Quite fancy doing Aberdeen to Stavanger in a self maintained single. A modest goal but one I'd consider quite a personal achievement.

DownWest 19th Jun 2016 21:43

We used to send a few bits from Norfolk to Stavanger. On one trip, the door popped, a latch problem on the Piper Twincom. 'Cors, you cant push it out to slam it, so it stayed a bit ajar. Since life is not kind, the brushes on the heater motor quit at the same time. So our hero was getting a bit chilly. He moved into the middle row and wrapped himself in the rugs that were there for the passengers, putting his head up to check the a/p heading and other minor points, from time to time.
So, Piper, I would sugest you do the trip in summer and get a nice thermal suit..

NearlyStol 20th Jun 2016 18:53

Has this thread just died , or been killed ?
I've been looking forward to the execution news.

Stanwell 21st Jun 2016 02:39

Not just yet, NS.

You see, our "Solo Aviatrix" is presently wilfully and skilfully working the media circuit, issuing somewhat modified, but still
glowing, press-releases and 'making herself available' to any outlet she's sure won't ask awkward questions.

After all, TCT has billed herself as "an attractive, personable and articulate motivational speaker".
What that really means, of course, is that she's really good at telling stories - tall stories.
(Ahem.. Well, y'see, some silly reporter just made a bit of a mistake... I wasn't actually solo ALL the time - I was just all alone in my cock-pit[sic] all the time).
(Oh, who,.. Him? .. He was just a passenger I took for a bit of a joy-ride once or twice.)

Oh, yes, our Tracey's a veritable icon - whose only motivation is to inspire the young women of today.
Yep, this is how you do it, girls .. the keyword is deceit, got it? .. Just follow her lead and you can't go wrong.

At the same time, she's vigorously displaying the 'rigid digit' to any who would express doubt as to the veracity of her claims,
past, recent and even 'as amended'.

One must 'make hay while the sun shines', after all.
Better hurry, girl. :=

Oh, BTW, I notice she's organised a Wikipedia page for herself ... nothing less than her standard, fanciful, press-release (as modified), of course.

India Four Two 21st Jun 2016 08:53

Wiki editing

Your mention of TCT's Wiki page prompted me to have a look at the edits of this page. To do so, click on the 'View history' tab at the top right. This opens this page:

which contains some interesting information.

The page was started by MurielMary in NZ on 9 January 2016. There have been mutiple edits since then, including several by JaySata, but any edits referring to flights being "not solo" have been systematically removed, as has any reference to the Goodwood Stearman/Robinson "interfacing". Some of the edits come from an IP address that is in Goole, and another in Chang Mai in Thailand!

It is interesting that there is no mention in the text of the US flights, that ended with the crash at Winslow. although it is referred to in Reference 13.

airpolice 21st Jun 2016 08:55

There is however, a mention (admission?) of the Stearman having GPS.

Stanwell 21st Jun 2016 09:23

Hmm, interesting. Thanks, I-42.
That'd be part of the 'rigid digit' act I mentioned earlier.

That Wiki history page is entertainment in itself.
MurielMary (wonder just where she fits into the picture) does like to keep a subjectively 'clean' house, doesn't she?

There's also a former media 'celebrity' here in Oz who seems to have someone "dust her Wiki furniture" almost daily when her name comes up in the press.

Stanwell 21st Jun 2016 09:55

Originally Posted by airpolice (Post 9414725)
There is however, a mention (admission?) of the Stearman having GPS.

Yes, I'd noticed that.
That is, of course, at a variance with the impression that she'd given earlier on that she'd relied only upon standard cockpit instruments.
(Now, didn't some association or other present her with an award for a certain 'navigation feat'?)

"Oh what a tangled web we weave ...". :=

Mike Flynn 22nd Jun 2016 21:09

The wiki page history is interesting as you can see that my edits were mostly removed by Murial Mary.

All references to the accident at Goodwood plus questions over the so called solo flights which she admits on her Birdinabiplane site were not 'solo' have been removed.

I have refrained from further editing of the wiki site in the short term but others are free to update it with links to both accidents.

oggers 22nd Jun 2016 22:32

Much as I dislike the sneering obsession of this thread I have to say Jay that I think you are well justiified in adding her accidents on to the wikipedia article.

kghjfg 25th Jun 2016 21:55

for fun I typed "Tracey Curtis Taylor Solo" into Google.

My PC almost melted with the number of reporters saying she was solo.

An interview popped up that she did late last year....

"Although this was primarily a solo flight..."


That's a direct quote in her own words, yet is she now saying she didn't say that ?

Mike Flynn 25th Jun 2016 23:20

She has yet to answer the elephant in the room question.

What part did Ewald Gritsch play in this saga?

More importantly she described him as a passenger when the Arizona accident happened.

However it does not take much effort on google to discover he was a highly qualified "passenger".:=

I, and the Bird in a Biplane Team believe it is helpful to respond to some commentary appearing in the press about whether the flight expeditions undertaken in 2013-2016 were flown solo or in company.

For the avoidance of doubt, I have always been the sole pilot of Spirit of Artemis.

In planning the expedition through Africa in 2013 there was an initial hope of a solo flight in the beautiful & original 1942 Boeing Stearman.

However, in the early stages of the flight this concept was intentionally and officially dropped as I and the Bird in a Biplane Team brought our flight planning and logistics increasingly in-house and the expedition evolved into a much bigger opportunity to extend the program with documentary filming, an extensive outreach program involving different charities along the route and sharing the experience of open cockpit flying with others.

I am deeply disappointed at the comments coming from a particular source making false assertions that my flight expeditions should have been executed as solo flights. They were not. They are all about a collaborative team effort and celebrating the brilliant achievements of women like Amy Johnson and Lady Heath who made history when aviation was in its infancy.

Tracey Curtis-Taylor
Tracey Curtis Taylor - Aviatrix, Adventurer, Inspirational Speaker
Now I might be missing something but she paints the picture of a solo flight in her various media interviews but never mentions the fact that her 1300 hours of ppl flying are dwarfed by the man in the front seat whose company owns the aircraft.

"Sole" pilot is not the same as solo pilot. Two pilots on board means one can do nav and radio while the other handles the physical part of flying. Half the workload of that experienced by Lady Mary Heath or Amy Johnson.

She also makes the point ..

I am deeply disappointed at the the comments coming from a particular source making false assertions that my flight expeditions should have been executed as solo flights. They were not. They are all about a collaborative team effort"
In other words there was another pilot on board the Spirit of Artemis for all flights but she never admitted this or revealed him to the press corps on arrival in Sydney despite the fact he could be seen in all the pictures. Here he is..http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/...re-id504089984

Did she admit to the Light Aircraft Association when she accepted the Bill Woodham Navigation Award that she was not solo on the Africa trip? That is what the above statement reveals.

Did she send the above statement to the HCAP Master before he sent his letter to her which obviously reveals he was not aware Ewald Gritsch was in the front seat.

The clever picture she portrays in all her many interviews have never mentioned
the part Ewald plays in this charade.

Owner and constructor of the Spirit of Artemis and a pilot well qualified beyond the skills of most of us.

Her theme tends to focus on those early women pilots which she has tried to highlight in her much publicised 'adventures" recently.

Some of my biggest inspirations in life have been the first African and Polar explorers, the early mountaineers, and of course, all of the pioneering aviators, especially the women. I think their personal courage and flying achievements were exponentially greater given that they were up against a totally male establishment which was often obstructive and dismissive. They are some of the greatest female role models in history.
Q & A with Tracey Curtis Taylor - Features - Pilot

Amy Johnson and Lady Heath must be turning in their graves at this so called "celebration" of their achievements and wondering why they never thought about taking a 'Ewald' along.

homonculus 26th Jun 2016 13:59

I am not critical of the journalists who accurately reported her claims which are alleged to be misleading. Equally I can understand how her sponsors and even the HCAP were taken in by claims which appear to be exaggerated. What I cant understand is why her sponsors and these respectable organisations are standing by her. I have written to Artemis asking how their position as a company entrusted with peoples' lifesavings sits with their ongoing sponsorship. No reply. And why has the HCAP not just dropped the award? Are they so insecure that they believe owning up to gullibility is a sin? Have they no insight to their reputations, rapidly falling? Or is this simply a case of who you know and the establishment closing ranks.....

Private jet 27th Jun 2016 08:36

I've never met "inspirational speaker & aviatrix" TCT at all, but, you know, I do now feel very inspired to use more bull$h!t in my everyday life. However I think if you enjoy flying anywhere in aircraft like that then you should also enjoy self flagellation as well. She does have that milfy allure that I like though.
With regards to this Company of pilots or whatever it is, I was in flying for 25 years and I've never heard of them until now. Are they the aviation branch of the funny handshake brigade? The "flying freemasons" if you will? They certainly seem to like dressing up. Maybe TCT has a fur or two she could lend them, faux of course...

Genghis the Engineer 27th Jun 2016 10:22

It used to be called GAPAN.


Jetblu 27th Jun 2016 12:12

Private Jet

"Are they the aviation branch of the funny handshake brigade? The "flying freemasons" if you will? They certainly seem to like dressing up. Maybe TCT has a fur or two she could lend them, faux of course"

That is a very uneducated statement.

Whilst I have no doubt that you haven't heard about them until now, that may be partly due to the fact of all the good positive and unadvertised work they do behind the scenes, obviously, which you are no part of, by your own admission.

Everybody seems to share unanimous concern [and rightly so] surrounding the TCT award by the 'Honourable company'

There is nothing 'honourable' with what she has done with the significant level of deceit, and it is a shame that the HCAP have been caught up with it. That's not to say that they may now carefully review their original thought as more evidence has come to light and make the right decision based upon that.

9 lives 27th Jun 2016 12:38

There is nothing 'honourable' with what she has done with the significant level of deceit, and it is a shame that the HCAP have been caught up with it.
Quite true. It can happen that well meaning groups of people can be drawn in by cunning people, who could appear at the surface to by like minded. It'll be difficult, but I hope that the people of the HCAP can independently take action which affirms their integrity. Perhaps in doing so, they have to "fess up" a little, but maybe get some overall good press out a not so good situation.

Jetblu 27th Jun 2016 14:01

"It can happen that well meaning groups of people can be drawn in by cunning people"

That statement is also quite true Step.

Anyway, I am now confident that HCAP will see this TCT shenanigan for what it is.
I'm also sure that this whole sorry saga will be published in our aviation journals as a reminder of what 'not' to do.

Stanwell 27th Jun 2016 14:17

I see on the LAA's website that their most recent mention of TCT's jaunt is as "solo".

Anybody aware of what's happening re the planned appearance of (and, no doubt, accolade shower upon) TCT at Farnborough?
And ... is Ewald going to be there?

Stanwell 27th Jun 2016 15:57

Jetblu, I somehow doubt that "our aviation journals" have the balls to publicly admit that their standards of journalism had been 'somewhat lacking'.
The only correction that I've seen so far is a small-print addendum to an amended report on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's website.
And, even that only related to the most outrageous of TCT's claims.

Call me cynical, but I've a feeling that most of them who originally published the stories based on the TCT machine's press releases would prefer to keep schtum and hope it'll all go away.
Principle? .. What's that? .. Oh, yes, but, given our tight margins, there's just not room for that these days.

I do hope you're right but TCT seems to have achieved her planned goal of, early on, firmly establishing in the gullible public's mind that she is indeed an outstanding Solo Aviatrix and Navigator - and therefore fully deserves to stand on the same podium as the aviation greats.
In fact, she's even on record as saying that, in some respects, she did it tougher than either of the aviatrices whose feats she claimed to be emulating.
I feel ill.

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