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Sam Rutherford 17th Jun 2016 06:56

Another vote in support of Ian from me. Thank you.

kghjfg 17th Jun 2016 09:02

For me, the single biggest factor is that I remember when I did my first solo.

This is a true story and one I wish I could tell to TCT in person.

I'd been flying as sole manipulator of the controls for the whole lesson, when the instructor said 'I'll jump out and you can go on your own" I wasn't expecting it, and said "could you just sit there and say and do nothing" and he uttered the immortal words

"No, I can't, there's no point in that, it's REALLY not the same"

kghjfg 17th Jun 2016 09:17

When I have a spare 5 minutes I'm going to work out how much money I need to do one of these jollies and stick a plea on one of the crowdfunding sites.

I'm not an experienced pilot myself yet, but I know plenty of very experienced pilots who could be my cameraman.

I might stick a thread up asking which jolly I should try to get funded. It's got to be low risk, i.e. very little of it over water.

It's got to be longer than cross channel, but take less than a month, because that's all the time I could get off work.

Unless of course, I make the jollies into my work... hey there's an idea.
I could form it into a company that pays me a wage as well.

Now, only one question remains, if I'm completely honest, how much will I raise?
Maybe I should find out ?

Note: This post is only half joking, I may actually give it a go. It won't hurt if it fails.

Jetblu 17th Jun 2016 21:22

Pilot DAR,

Thank you for your post. I admire most, if not all your posts with wise counsel, although on this particular subject/topic I believe that you and/or your peers may not be objectively seeing my very valid point.

Please hear me out.

You will notice that I have never ever posted on this particular thread, although I have been following it with much interest.

On or about 8th June at approximately 08.32 hrs a person called Ian Seager made a post on this thread. His submission was that Old Pilot had abused his Flyer Forum. He went on to say that a TCT thread had been locked because of Old Pilot. I, and many others, thought this was a rather lame and poor excuse, however, you will agree, up until yesterday [16th June] I never challenged Ian Seager about that matter and gave him the benefit of doubt.

You will agree, nobody brought Mr Seager here, he came of his own free will and posted his information voluntary, albeit with abbreviated swearing.

'New information' or evidence if you like, which you and your peers have agreed to accept only came to light yesterday.

Considering that Mr Seager is the proprietor of Seager Publishing one could say that he partly represents and is a voice in the UK GA community.

This matter is not about a person - person disagreement, is it. It's much more important than that. I wish Mr Seager no harm or malice whatsoever. My post was not cyber bullying or crossing the line anywhere. I was simply challenging Mr Seager with my findings which totally contradicted his earlier statement, which he made on this professional forum.

My submission in its simplest form is this...If we as a small aviation internet community cannot trust a renowned UK GA publisher to publish known facts surrounding this deceitful award, one then may ask or wonder, and rightly so, what any hidden agenda/s could be.

Please feel free to delete my post again if you still disagree with me.


Mr Seager may wish to consider this. Rather than feel like he is being pushed into something that he may feel uncomfortable making a decision about, in a democratic, fair and balanced way, perhaps he may consider a poll on his forum, simply a yes or no vote poll on publishing. Just a thought.

Biffo Blenkinsop 17th Jun 2016 21:57

I have read all the way through this thread and sympathise with the majority of opinions viz: someone has apparently dissembled in order to gain kudos.

Wouldn't be the first time.

However, someone is within a whisker of becoming a talking head on BBC News (or whatever) when an appropriate item turns up.

Such, unfortunately, is the modern media.

Stanwell 17th Jun 2016 22:48

"Dissembled", BB?
With due respect sir, I hardly feel that is the correct word to describe the ongoing actions of this blatant fraudster.
As more information comes to hand, it's become increasingly obvious that this 'adventure' has been a carefully-crafted and orchestrated deception from the word go.

You see, she can now afford to tone it down a bit and do some selective editing, having had media headlines previously proclaim her lies as fact.
It's called "fait accompli".

So now it seems that even that august body, the BBC, has become a willing accomplice in propagating this outrageous deception.
Still, when I look around me, I see that we're surrounded by gullible fools - all queued up, ripe for harvesting.

If only I'd perceived the extent of that when I was young, I reckon I'd be a very wealthy man right now - perhaps even a major media proprietor.
Unfortunately, I was brought up to be a man of principle and conscience.
Then, I mainly blame my parents and educators for that.
Time in the aviation industry futher honed it.

As you say though, it's not the first time and it won't be the last - while avarice, greed and the need for self-aggrandisement hold primacy over integrity.

IanSeager 17th Jun 2016 22:56

For the last time, there really is no hidden agenda.

This is from my column in the March 2016 issue of FLYER, I might write it differently now, but it was based on the facts I had at the time. I'm not aware of anything else having been published in print since - are you?

As is often the way with areas of specialist interest, those who take part tend to know more than those who produce TV reports or write national newspaper stories. More than a few eyebrows were raised when the BBC and many others talked of a triumphant solo flight. The ‘solo’ word was even voiced over a video showing Tracey plus one other getting out of the Stearman after landing in Sydney! Shouldn’t print and broadcast journalists really know that solo means alone? It’s hardly a term exclusive to aviation. I digress, the presumably accidental misreporting of the solo flight to Sydney seems to have also raised some questions about Tracey’s earlier solo flight to South Africa, which some have said wasn’t entirely solo either.
I guess quite a few people complained to the BBC and others, leading to some stories, online at least, being changed. But surely Tracey herself would be keen to set the record straight and to thank the team that made her trip possible? Well, I’ve watched and listened to a few interviews and read a whole bunch of stories that have been published and so far I’ve not seen her say anything on camera, nor seen any clarification in a written report. That’s disappointing.

I doubt this will persuade you or JS that I'm not some media villain playing political games for my own financial gain - so this is it for me.


Jetblu 17th Jun 2016 23:09

I'm astonished. That said, you don't say when that minuet piece was written. Was that before the deceitful awards were known about?

Nobody is making you out to be a media villain, but I would sure welcome that same imagination to ride wild when you write the next piece. I may know someone whom would do that particular write-up for you FOC.

All we're looking for at the end of the day is the truth, the full truth, with all known facts. Nothing more.

Stanwell 18th Jun 2016 00:10

Thanks for that post, Ian.
It does make things a little clearer.

Jetblu, he does say that it was published in his March 2016 column in FLYER.

Pilot DAR 18th Jun 2016 01:00

Okay, okay, okay.... The people who appear to have a first hand interest in this sub topic (which I really can't follow easily anyway) seem to each have had an opportunity to express their thoughts. To be honest, I can't see where the disagreement is (but for heaven's sake, please don't explain it to me!) - the points made seem to me to be largely in agreement. (Solo = alone in the plane, and awards should be truly deserved to be accepted).

So all is at peace.... right? Can we call it a day on this tangent of the topic? Please....?

Discussion of new thoughts on the main topic still welcomed - thread still opened, for now....

Thanks, a moderator!

ex_matelot 18th Jun 2016 15:24

More Romeo Tango type dits please!

Fantome 18th Jun 2016 15:43

ARTHUR BUTLER .. . in 1932 flew solo England-Austrlia in the tiny single-seat Comper Swift. lent to him by Nicholas Comper. He did it (one magazine article was headed THE BUTLER DID IT) in a record 9 days . Since he went to such extremes to keep his payload to the bare minimum he even wore carpet slippers .. . . hence the media given name upon completion of the flight - THE CARPET SLIPPER AIRMAN. (At an airfield on the outskirts of Sydney not long after his long flight some thieving mongrel reached into his open cockpit when no one was looking and stole his slippers.)


Danny42C 18th Jun 2016 15:48


They're not all like that.

On "Military Aviation" Forum, there is a new Thread "Woman Hawg driver"on which I've just Posted. Thread is worth a look.


Fantome 18th Jun 2016 16:00

Unfortunately, I was brought up to be a man of principle and conscience.
Then, I mainly blame my parents and educators for that.
Time in the aviation industry futher honed it.
“It’s sarcasm, Josh.”


“It’s from the Greek, sarkasmos. To bite the lips. It means that you aren’t really saying what you mean, but people will get your point. I invented it, Bartholomew named it.”

“Well, if the village idiot named it, I’m sure it’s a good thing.”

“There you go, you got it.”

“Got what?”


“No, I meant it.”

“Sure you did.”

“Is that sarcasm?”

“Irony, I think.”

“What’s the difference?”

“I haven’t the slightest idea.”

“So you’re being ironic now, right?”

“No, I really don’t know.”

“Maybe you should ask the idiot.”

“Now you’ve got it.”


― Christopher Moore, Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal

Mike Flynn 18th Jun 2016 18:23

UK to Australia alone in 9 days 84 years ago is amazing.

Without modern oils,radio,GPS or a support crew.

No soft upholstery or modern clothing.

Butler went on to be a true Australian aviation pioneer. His achievment makes modern day so called adventurers a joke.

He ran his own aviation company from 1934 to 1959.

Sadly after a long service life it was scrapped.
Viscount c/n 97 operational record

He bought a couple of Viscounts and ran regional flights in Australia in the post war era.

The Arthur Butler Memorial Aerodrome and terminal buildings hold a unique place in the history of commercial aviation in New South Wales. The aerodrome was the base and an operating hub of the highly successful airlines operated by pioneer aviator Arthur Butler between 1938 and 1957. As the Yeo Airport this was Australia’s first registered regional airport. The aerodrome has direct associations with Arthur Butler OBE, founder of Butler Air Transport Company and Butler Air Services Pty Ltd, pioneer Australian aviator and holder of the record for a solo flight between England and Australia.

Within living memory the Yeo Airport served as a regional transport hub. The community of Tooraweenah holds the aerodrome and its buildings in very high regard, maintaining the buildings and grounds, and organizing the Arthur Butler Memorial Fly In each year.

Stanwell 18th Jun 2016 19:40

Fantome ... :D
After I'd typed it, I looked at it and thought .. nah, I'll leave it and see who picks up on it.

p.s. To my eyes, a beacon of propriety and principle was the late Sid Marshall - a quiet achiever, an inspiration and no mean aviator himself.
It didn't make him rich - but I'm sure he sleeps well on cloud #9 these days.

Stanwell 18th Jun 2016 19:48

Danny, your #406.
Yes, I had read that article, thanks.
Quite a girl - and with a great attitude.

Pilot DAR 19th Jun 2016 03:10

Tracey Curtis-Taylor (Merged threads)
Hello everyone, I have merged these threads, as the discussion topics have seemed to merge themselves anyway. Please continue the discussion on this thread, respecting the previous requests with respect to the nature of posts.

megan 19th Jun 2016 03:53

Butler went on to be a true Australian aviation pioneer
And one the of the few to operate the Elizabethan/Ambassador.

Cows getting bigger 19th Jun 2016 17:32

So, what great adventure would the gathered brethren undertake? It could be a reenactment or something new. Personally, I would love to do a circuit of South America, including the Falklands. Aircraft of choice would be a Cub (or 21st century rip-off).

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